Vixskin Buck Circumference

Contributor: Hornyred Hornyred
Hi everyone ! I'm new here . I love all of your detailed reviews ! Does anyone have the Vixskin Buck and you've actually measured the circumference ? I'd like to know the circumference , especially the top part just under the head . I have the Goodfella and I love it , but I wanted a little more girth . I bought the Johnny . He's a tad bigger than I'd like . What I REALLY want is one that's the size of my BF ! He has the most amazing cock ever ! I even cloned it out of Ecoflex 30 , but I love the texture of Vixskin so much better ! He has a 5 inch circumference and is 7.25 inches long . I really wish Vixskin came in that size !!! It seems there's nothing between Goodfella and Johnny that's truly in between . I'm completely spoiled to Vixskin and don't want another brand . PLEASE HELP !!!! Thanks so much ??????
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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