Vixskin Buck for petite woman?

Contributor: Super4 Super4
my wife and I are new to sex toys and I bought her the Goodfella to act out threesome fantasies. She is only 4'11" and Goodfella gives her lots of pleasure. Only thing is when she compares the glans of my penis to the Goodfella, she says she feels mine more as it is slightly bigger than Goodfella but the shafts are about same. I wanted to surprise her with Buck which is more girthy but I'm afraid it might be too much for her and takes away the pleasure instead of give it.

Are there any petite women like my wife have the Buck? What is your opinion about it?

Anyone have both Goodfella and Buck would like to share some pictures of them side by side? I would like to see if the girth difference is too much for her.

Thanks in advance
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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