VixSkin Maverick or Mustang

Contributor: PDex PDex
We currently have the Tantus Curve and Vixen Nexus Sr that we combine with the Joque harness. Both work very well. Could not find the Curve on the site, but found the Curve kit, so adding the links for those who want to check these out

Curve Kit
Nexus Sr

I have had a rubber dildo for a long time, used for solo-play only, exactly like the one that comes with the Vac-u-lock 2 set

Rubber vac-u-lock

I would like to upgrade and get a comparable dildo in silicone, but would like to avoid balls this time (doesn't do much for me), have it be harness compatible, but at the same time like the idea of having a suction cup option (for solo-play). My SO also does not like flesh tones, so that impacts choices as well.

Based on many reviews, and going up and down between Tantus and Vixen, I believe Vixen's VixSkin is the way to go. I have narrowed it down to VixSkin Maverick or VixSkin Mustang.


Both are available in neon colors, which would make it easier if we decided for her to use it on me with the harness. For solo-play, the Maverick seems to have a built-in suction cup in the base, which would be a plus.

The only dilemma would be the size. While I like a good stretch now and then, just curious how big of a difference I would be facing.

Current rubber dildo: 5 1/4" to 5 1/2" circumference - 1 3/4" diameter
Mustang: 5" circumference - 1 1/2 diameter
Maverick: 6" circumference - 2" diameter

With the Mustang I'm worried it may just end up being about the same size as the Curve we already have, just a bit thicker. The Maverick seems like a great option, just not sure how much difference that extra circumference and diameter will be compared to my current rubber dildo. I have read many review stating it has a softer surface, and is more manageable due to this, so wanted to find out from those who own it, and use it for anal use.
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