Vixskin - Which One?

Contributor: Mr. John Mr. John
Originally posted by Envy
I've been looking over the Vixskin dildos, intrigued. I have a Bad Dragon small cored anthro dragon, and I am assuming this is about the same. (Soft outer shell, hard inner core.) However, most seem about the same length or thickness. What one ... more
We have pretty much the entire Vixskin line. So, that should say something.

Vixen Creations makes two different lines. The Vixen line, and the higher end Vixskin product line. The Vixen dildo is a single density silicone, and Vixskin dildo is a dual density silicone. Each may offer the same model size, but each are very different with regard to feel and texture. Many feel that the Vixskin dual density is as close as one can get to feeling realistic. In addition, many can take inside a larger Vixskin product than the counterpart Vixen. The Vixskin will contour and mold better to ones shape, and thus more forgiving. The outer shell of the Vixskin dildo is what I would call buttery soft.

The Vixskin dildo's need a little more cautionary care than other silicone toys in the respect that a sharp finger nail or such could nick the material. Also, some people prefer to keep the Vixskin dildo's in the original packaging for fear of misshaping. However, I have not seen that occur with any of ours. They all look as new as the day we got them.