What is your favorite dildo?

Contributor: ge0rge ge0rge
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Just wondering what your favorite type of dildo is. Realistic? Colored? Suction? Flared?
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Contributor: Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
I'm a huge fan of color and flaring, to be honest
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
My husband and I have an agreement that I do not buy any realistic dildos.
Contributor: Beck Beck
HUMMMM..... I think my favorite would have to be my Jelly Fish or my Swell wand. I don't like realistic or flesh tones. I like funky colors and safe materials.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Vixskin Johnny is my wife favorite non-vibrating dildo. The G4 Big Boss can also be used like a dildo - but you can also crank up the vibes - so you get the both of both worlds!
Contributor: Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
My favorite specific dildo is the VixSkin Tex. In general, I like my dildos to be curved to hit the G-spot, with either a flared base or some kind of handle. As for realistic vs. not, I like both in different ways.
Contributor: VelvetDragon VelvetDragon
I like colored, pretty dildos with a flare. I'm not very into realistic dildos because of the "dismembered body part" appearance.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I like realistic dildos.
At the moment my favourite one is Cush.
Contributor: edenx edenx
cyber cock!!!
Contributor: November November
My favorite one so far is the Plain Bend Pocket Rocket.
Contributor: Aazazel Aazazel
I love both realistic and colored dildos :3. My favorite right now is my Blush Bulge.
Contributor: Rawhide Rawhide
I love love love dual density silicone, Vixskin especially... but to be honest, the one cock I really couldn't live without is the Vibratex Silky
Contributor: spiced spiced
I like realistic dildos. I'm bi but haven't been with anyone but my wife since we got serious about each other. Haven't seen anyone else's real penis at close range in about 15 years. For me, a dildo is a substitute for the real thing and I like it as realistic as possible. I use dildos both orally and anally. I'm the receiver in both cases; my wife doesn't like being on the receiving end of dildos at all, though she does enjoy strapping on.

For oral, I like Cyberskin. It's the most skin-like I've experienced so far. For pegging, I like Vixskin. Vamp's Softskin is also pretty good and Tantus O2 as well.

I don't really care about suction cups since I almost never use dildos solo. My favorite mounting system (if that's what you call it) is the base of the Vamp Elvis. It's secure and it leaves the "balls" completely outside the harness, which is a great sensation. The mounting system for Vixskin GoodFella is similar, but not quite as good, IMO (but the Goodfella is much better dildo).
Contributor: raffi raffi
i only like glass ones
Contributor: 1001 Pleasures 1001 Pleasures
The O2 Max is the only realistic dildo I have right now, and I really like it. I'd like to get a more slender Tantus realistic, for the times when I want to thrust a bit more.
Contributor: Geogeo Geogeo
Originally posted by ge0rge
Just wondering what your favorite type of dildo is. Realistic? Colored? Suction? Flared?
the amethyst is my favorite
Contributor: xxjoel xxjoel
I cannot shut up about the realdoe.
Contributor: Girly Juice Girly Juice
The dildos I use most often are silicone and non-realistic.