Would you re-buy a toy you loved in a limited edition color?

Contributor: Mikemanz Mikemanz
hmmmm...probably not
Contributor: Flower1 Flower1
no i wouldnt
Contributor: solly solly
I'm not super picky about colors as long as they aren't hideous or flesh-toned or something (realistic looking toys creep me out!) I'd rather save my money for a different toy.
Contributor: Girly Juice Girly Juice
Maybe. It depends on how much I liked the toy in the first place and how awesome the new color was. I've considered buying a Mustang in green because I loooove the Mustang and that green color is terrific.
Contributor: evie.amor evie.amor
Depends on the price of the toy. If I really, really loved the color and just HAD to have it, I might.
Contributor: Martiniman Martiniman
No, I'd rather have a new toy.
Contributor: Fun2 Fun2
I wouldn't. Too many other options.
Contributor: icyqueen icyqueen
If it is my favorite color I would think about to buy it again.
Contributor: indiechick indiechick
Originally posted by Lucky21
If you all ready owned a toy, really liked it and found it in a limited edition color (that was your favorite color), would you buy it again?
a) would depend on the toy b) would depend on the cost c) would depend on if the money was going to a cause I support.