Gifts of memories vs. materialistic

Gifts of memories vs. materialistic

HannahPanda HannahPanda 12/17/2011

If someone gives me a gift, or if I give them one, I'd love for it to be something like a massage card, a lesson or class for something or tickets. I think making memories is highly more amazing than something that can collect dust, unless it's something materialistic that you could use every single day.

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HannahPanda HannahPanda
When it comes to something materialistic, like lotions, fancy tech items, or memory making gifts, which do you ACTUALLY prefer?
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I like more materialistic gifts. (Collectibles, items.)
7  (35%)
I like memory making gifts. (Concert tickets, events.)
7  (35%)
6  (30%)
Total votes: 20
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Drakoni Drakoni
Both are nice. For materialistic gifts, I love books, board games, and movies. For memories, I love going to museums, zoos, or nature sights.
indiglo indiglo
It really depends. I am not a materialistic person at all, but if you know a particular item really fills a need someone has it can feel really good to give it to them. I appreciate any gift I am given, even something simple and basic.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
I like to give memorable gifts but I like to receive practical gifts too.
voenne voenne
Both, I love gifts in general. But I'd choose memory making gifts over material ones. I don't like having a lot of "stuff," so when someone wants to get me a gift, I'm very specific on what I have my heart set on!
sweetiejo sweetiejo
I'm picky when it comes tostuff,and ialso don't collect to many things that are knick knacky. I prefer things that have had alot of thought in them that i haven't just come out and said I want. My guy got me balletticket to a big nut cracker show we have in our area, because i said i wanted to go clear back inoctober before we were even dating.
Tagmstr Tagmstr
I enjoy both because who doesn't love getting a awesome gift! I spend a lot of time on the computer playing games, my fiance knows this. For my birthday last year she bought me a new computer and Call of Duty. Pretty awesome gift if you ask me!
As awesome as those gifts are, I perfer something that that would leave us with great memories.
Megan Jean Megan Jean
Hate to admit it, but I like material gifts more.
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
Memories sometimes are better than materialistic things
geliebt geliebt
I think it depends on who it's from, and what the item or memory is. If it's from a more casual friend, I tend to prefer something simple, but family or a partner, I'd definitely love something sentimental and memory-building! Of course, there are also plenty of items in the world that I've gotten as gifts that I've gone on to use all the damn time So it's all pretty wishy washy for me!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
For gift giving, it depends on who its for. My little kids love toys and since they are still young they play with them all the time and kids need to be kids at this age.

I live in the middle of nowhere so I'd have to travel a long distance to be able to go to a concert or lessons for something so to get that would be a waste for me. If I lived in the big city and everything was just right around the corner, then I'd like to take cooking classes and a womans self defense class.
Memory making gifts. I'd rather get out and do stuff than have more stuff I don't need laying around.
Hibangel Hibangel
memorable is always better!
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