Question for Men

Question for Men

xgreatlovex xgreatlovex
What is your idea of the beeeest gift ever?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Blowjob loooong blowjob
Fluke , libbyv , Adnerbmw
sex again and again marathon night
RonLee , married with children , libbyv , TheHardOne
sexy lingerie
Ayogirl230 , libbyv , Eugler
other please explain
MrWill , Gunsmoke , Ayogirl230 , Eugler , Slutty Girl Problems
Total votes: 15 (11 voters)
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MrWill MrWill
Honestly: Do something different. Do something that shows you know me. Don't follow a gift giving guide, don't follow the advice your girlfriends gave you over dinner.

Sex is sex. Yes, it's wonderful.. and I realize I may be the ONLY man to ever say this.. but I'd rather have something heartfelt and unique. I, as a man am tired of people thinking along the lines of "Oh, just give him a blow job and piece of ass.. He'll love it"

I realize this isn't the most helpful answer as every man is different, but find out what the man you are buying for really enjoys. For me.. I'm a photographer. If a woman handed me a box full of prints of my pictures or one of my pieces custom printed in a nice frame.. I would never forget that.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Sexually I would like to have my partner do a strip tease, masturbate with some of our toys to have a few orgasms - then tie me up, tease me for a 1/2 hour or so - then set me loose for a DP scenario with me and one of her favorite dildos.

But that's just me!!
married with children married with children
a night of wild sex, with the kids at grandmas for the night. that would be a good gift.
libbyv libbyv
Originally posted by xgreatlovex
What is your idea of the beeeest gift ever?
all of the above
Eugler Eugler
Lingam massage! Yeah, I would love it.

TheHardOne TheHardOne
A marathon night, one sexy costume after anouther would be so fun.
Slutty Girl Problems Slutty Girl Problems
Originally posted by xgreatlovex
What is your idea of the beeeest gift ever?
Oh behalf of my man - he loves massages!
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