A big thanks to DreamGirl and Eden.

A big thanks to DreamGirl and Eden.

Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
Words cannot express how happy I am to see some of the new DreamGirl lingerie in a size 32. I've always had a hard time shopping for lingerie because I'm so petite, and small sizes by most companies are too big for me. I really want to thank DreamGirl for making their corsets in a size 32, and their smalls fit women who are a 32-34A/B. This is one of the only companies I've been able to shop from when it comes to lingerie. I feel like I have a lot more choices and I can get things that really fit so I can feel super sexy even though I'm a tiny girl.

I even wrote an article for EdenCafe on how frustrating it was to shop for lingerie when you're a girl with a petite frame.

The Perils of Being a Skinny Girl.

I've gotten a few of the new DreamGirl corsets that we've started carrying and they fit me perfectly.

So, to sum it up, I'm a happy, happy girl because of this.
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Rarity Rarity
I'm on the same boat as you! It's so nice that EF is stocking lingerie in a wide range of sizes for those who don't fit into the average dress size.
Ansley Ansley
Three cheers for DreamGirl and Eden! Hip Hip Hooray!

I feel your pain. I haven't gone for any of the corsets, so your post really makes me happy. I've had such success with DreamGirl and Coquette. It's awesome how much my lingerie collection has increased. If I were to buy this stuff at birck and mortar stores I'd be so frustrated by the end of the experience I'd walk out with nothing and probably be a little teary to boot.
js250 js250
I feel your pain, too!! I have large breasts and a smaller then I should waist and average hips. I have a heck of a time finding items that fit correctly.
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