What's a good corset to put on a male?

What's a good corset to put on a male?

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I REALLY love corsets on men, I want to get one for my boyfriend but the majority of Eden's selection (from what I've seen) isn't under-bust type. I'm not interested in having the breast spaces really, I want one that just goes around the waist and lower chest.

I like this one: link but I don't know if the shorts would be uncomfortable for him, and I don't want the pasties but that's not a big deal, the package is rather cheap especially on sale

Suggestions? Anyone modified one before?
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Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
I have never tried to modify one before. But i sew. Looking at the corsets I own there does not seem to be a way to modify them and remove the brest area since the bones come over the breasthe area.

The link you gave looks like it might work but there are no bones in it so i'm wondering how does it keep its shape and not roll up on its self.

But it looks hot and sezy and for the price it might just be a winner.

Personally i would try to find one that is under the breast. When you try to modify and re sew lingerie it can be hard since the the fabric is very delicate and often the manufacturing process cuts off extra fabric rather than rolling it into the seam.

If you want to know more about how to sex delicate material or anything related to sewying just let me know. I love to sew and I've worked with lames, sheers, and such when i use to make my own stripper clothes.

i hope this helps a bit
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