corsets & cup size

corsets & cup size

GravyCakes GravyCakes
I really wish that more people made corset w/ cups that were built for girls who are a size 8 AND a D cup. I like corsets w/ cups b/c they're more comfortable & flattering on me. I have a 28 in waist & a 38 in D cup chest. I just wish they would put the 2 together.
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js250 js250
Tell me about it! I have found that being creative with the lace up corsets and bustiers actually work. Loose lacing on bottom, sucked in tight at the waist and comfy but snug over the breasts. They are usually a bit small for breast area anyway, this really gives you the hourglass figure.
Ghost Ghost
You can always have a corset made to your specifications. I only buy handmade corsets.
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
Try Panache, Masquerade, La Senza (UK, Canadians have less sizes). I love Masquerade Antoinette:

Minerva also looks great:

I would have bought the Antoinette but I didn't have enough cash and I had to buy a bra so I choose something cheaper. Maybe I should scour e-bay for it.

Panache Confetti is on sale on Brastop but my size is only in ivory. Black would be ideal.

You can also look for an under-bust and match the colors to your bra.
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