Help with fit- not a plus size with curves

Help with fit- not a plus size with curves

Cherrylane Cherrylane
I've been looking through the lingerie on EF a lot more recently and a few of the items interest me but no matter what the size charts and stuff say, the size thing really worries me when I have to go by just a small medium large type deal. Particularly if it is supposed to be fitted or has a bra component.

I'm somewhere between a 32DD and a 34D depending on the company. I have a bust of around 37.5, hips of the same measurement, and a waist measurement of 26 inches. I'm usually a size 4 or 6.

Although I've heard tons of complaining about how the pictures of items usually feature models who appear to have something close to my measurements, many of you might be surprised to know that most items don't actually fit all that well. If they fit the boobs they're almost never fitted on the rest of my body. If they fit my waist it's way too small on boobs.

Do any of you have this problem? Does anyone have any recommendations on how to determine size or have a general overview of the "true fit" of some of the brands on EF?
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Ghost Ghost
I have similar fit problems (I think we all do, unless we're extremely lucky), but my solution is just not to buy brands that don't put realistic thought into their designs. I try to find brands that have more accurate sizing and I buy a lot of clothing handmade to my specifications (I have "unusual" dimensions, as most retail clothing companies would say).

Probably not too helpful. :/
ddd masturbator(bye all!) ddd masturbator(bye all!)
Your best bet is to look at what the sizes are. It sounds like you've got some big boobies on a small frame. I feel you will have a harder time finding something that fits exactly how you want without being made of straight elastic.
GS28 GS28
Congrats on being an hourglass! So jealous of your measurements. I have the same problem, but larger. I'm a 34G/36DD 41-32-42, and I'm usually a 10/12 in regular clothing. However, in lingerie I'm a 14, XL, 1X because of the chest measurements (and sometimes hip). So, I always look at the measurement guides and I read the reviews to see if anyone mentions if something runs small.

Also, if I have to fit one thing, I fit the boobs. So, I look for a lot of things that are made to "flow" away from the body or for a top/bottom combo so I can take my waist measurement out of the equation. Also, if fitting the boobs is impossible (OS is often 40" but Plus OS is 48"), I opt for the smaller, snugger fit if the outfit has any support. I'd rather the girls bust out than look sad. But, if the outfit has no support, I go larger and then a make a couple of quick alterations to the straps or seams to make it fit.

The Maid Bikini Top with Panty has a tie top which gives lot of leeway with sizing, so it should fit you link.
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