Just curious if other plus size women do this....

Just curious if other plus size women do this....

Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
A friend of mine told me two years ago that I wear shirts that are too big. I sort of scoffed at her.

My daughter has told me the same thing at times - I ignored her.

A couple of weeks ago, Cato had this shirt on clearance that I REALLY wanted. But it was size 18/20...and I ALWAYS wear size 22/24 except for the one size 20 top I'd bought to wear underneath stuff.

I tried it on - it looked so good that not only did the sales clerk say it looked good - but so did 2 other customers that were there.

I bought it.

Last night I was at Walmart and I found this comfy looking shirt (George brand) on clearance for $7. I didn't realize it was a tshirt and thought "that would be cute with some of my pretty panties to sleep in cause its so comfortable".

I never thought it would fit me. It was size 16/18.

I tried it on (over my 18/20 shirt by the way that I LOVE)....while we were sitting in the shoe section. Of course it was tight because it was over another shirt.

I got it - brought it home - and it fits BEAUTIFULLY.

My point? For years I've been wearing size 22/24 tops (because that's what I need for skirts) - and here I could've been wearing size 16/18 tops.

My husband loves me in the tighter tops and seems happy to see that I'm not hiding my curves (which he loves) even though they're larger than many other women.

Any other plus size women ever find that they "hide" in larger clothing when they could be wearing smaller?

I think I'm going through my wardrobe this weekend and getting rid of some tops.
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
People have been telling me to wear something bigger all these years, even though the same size of your tops fit me better. Of course, these are also the same people who get sick at the sight of anyone over size 8.

Personally, most 'plus-size' sections of stores depress the hell out of me because they assume that every woman wants to hide behind long layered vests, tent-size tunic tops, and palazzo pants. And the blazers are never cut right - because we have huge racks, they seem to think we have huge torsos, too. Oh, and who the fuck came up with Empire waist tops for us?? More people ask if I'm pregnant whenever I wear one!

I think part of the problem in the plus-size section is that there is a belief that if one is one size on the bottom, then they must be the same size up top. I've never met anyone who is, as our fat distribution is so varied that the fitting rules of smaller clothes cannot apply to us.

Glad that you're finding your sexy style by thinking out of the box.
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
I find some of the cutest plus stuff that is attractive at Cato's. Not sure what is called in other parts of the country....usually located by Walmart.
Beck Beck
I wear men's shirts. I always have because they do not make female shirts long enough for me. I find that I am constantly pulling them down. I think it is because I have large breast and when I move the top rides up.

So glad that you are having better experiences!
Holly Hox Holly Hox
My body is really strangely shaped. Maybe I am a pear? And my breasts are really big. Different types of shirts fit me differently, so I buy different sizes based on the type of shirt and where I am buying it. Alot of times a size large fits me great, even though my breasts are a D - if the shirt has buttons, I almost always have to get an XL because a L won't button over my boobs.
PeppermintFuntimes PeppermintFuntimes
Yeah, I do wear overly baggy clothes all the time. I feel too uncomfortable when it comes time to shop. I'm a bit too big for most stores with pretty clothing and too small for Layne Bryant(sp?). Add to the fact that I'm just a college student and my options are: thrift stores. Very few thrift stores have donations in my size, and rarer still, good-looking ones.
Illusional Illusional
I do it too

I have wide hips and a big butt, but I just have barely D's, so I can usually get away with a junior's 16/18
It's kind of odd.

Also, Torrid has SUCH gorgeous stuff, but I can't afford it.
Antipova Antipova
You all will probably scoff and say I'm not plus-sized, but I thought I'd chime in too, since the same thing happens to me too! My hips and legs are much bigger than my waist and chest, which means, well, to fit pants or skirts I need an L or XL depending on the brand, while my tops need to be S or M. Buying dresses which fit both my top half and my bottom half well is almost impossible

But I do usually wear baggier looser shirts than would actually fit my body, to help make me look a little more 'balanced'. When boyfriends pick my clothes they always pick tighter shirts that show off my chest a lot more... my current boyfriend has even said "with the shirts you choose, I always forget how perfect your breasts are! Show off more!" But... I hide under the baggier clothes so my hips don't look so big by contrast.
Illusional Illusional
My boyfriend has bought me a two piece, it was oddly hot. It had a high waisted bottom to cover my tummy, it was cute but I felt so.. exposed
kadytheredpanda kadytheredpanda
I wear a variety of sizes. Part of it is from constantly gaining and losing weight, and another part is because of my body build.
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