Men's thongs

Men's thongs

JustYourAverageGuy JustYourAverageGuy
How many guys out there have had the courage to try these out? What has your experience been? Favorite brands?
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JustYourAverageGuy JustYourAverageGuy
Since I started this discussion, I figure I should make a post...

I have been wearing male thongs for about 2 years now.... and I am glad I tried them out! amazingly they are pretty comfy! Although, I have found that finding a good brand is key because some I have worn definately aren't too comfy!

With this, I have found that most anything made by Calvin Klein is of high quality and comfortable (and available at some department stores). So are some of N2N's brand...

Since these aren't available in store many places, and if they are, there isn't a large selection...

For those of you considering trying these out, I suggest the following store : link ... great selection and service.

Also, I have found a blog that reviews mens underwear, in all styles... check it out... link
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