My observations on the PLUS SIZE lingerie on EdenFantasys

My observations on the PLUS SIZE lingerie on EdenFantasys

Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
I'm writing this for all the plus size gals out there who are looking at lingerie on Eden. I've now had several pieces from four various companies and I wanted to share my insight based on what I've noticed.

Coquette - I think Coquette makes the best quality of products but they don't understand plus-size bodies. With the items I have from them, it is almost like they think that you can take an item and extend the cup size and call it "plus". The problem is - when you have a certain size hip that might need a 1X - the cup is just too large and if the item is strapless than you're not gonna look good.

My advice on Coquette is if the item is not a corset where it totally is close to your body and hugs it - get the smaller size that would be based on your bra size. If it is a tight piece like a corset, pick the size based on your waist and hips but make sure it has straps of some sort.

Fantasy Lingerie I have a few of their pieces - I don't remember how many off hand. Their quality is much like what you'd find at Walmart, at least for underwear. Their products aren't bad and if you can get them on sale or as a buy-out review, then they're just fine. Their sizes run small so I'd probably go a size up. However, their designs are ok for plus size women and it is like they understand that they need to adjust more than the cups.

Seven Till Midnight I only have one piece of theirs so far but I am very pleased with it. They seem to be higher quality than Fantasy Lingerie and closer in design to what Coquette offers but at lower prices. The one piece I have is VERY comfortable to wear but I don't like the fact that the garters are not detachable. (I have the bombshell bustier). I plan to buy a few more of their pieces when they come back in stock and see if they work as well. I also have one pair of their panties on order and they're due in tomorrow.

DreamGirl DreamGirl may not be the quality of Coquette but they are by far my favorite company for plus size lingerie. It feels like they looked at plus sizes and said, "ok - we need to have good breast support and add some length to the item and make it comfortable" etc etc. There are a few things I've had by them (the chemise and robe sets that are $22.99) that weren't well made but everything else I've had from them, I have really liked the style and the fit and material.

Anyway - those are my observations. I figured other plus size gals might like to know them.
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js250 js250
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
Well - here is a brief update.

Of the three XL items I ordered from Coquette - two fit and one didn't.

The two items that did fit me (so I was able to go down from 1x to xl) are

Hearts of fire chemise


Stretch Lace chemise which is super comfortable to wear (as is the one above)

Floral Lace Babydoll with G-string did not fit myself and it barely fit my daughter because the cups were too tight and the straps were "funky" in where they wound up being on us. Photos will be in the upcoming reviews.

So my take on this?

With Coquette if you find the 1x/2x is too large in the bust, you can go down to the xl IF the bust is not closely fitted. Otherwise, you need to deal with whole "too big for my bust to be right for my hips and waist" issue with the 1x/2x.

Hope this helps someone.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
To be honest I don't really agree, I ordered the Blue Babydoll and G-String from Coquette and I find it fits rather well, though I'm sure the product style really determines the fit more than the actual size chart (3x/4x)
Beck Beck
I have to agree with you.
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
Well, I could be wrong - I just counted and I only have 27 pieces of lingerie between the various companies.

Or maybe its just my body as I do share my sizes in the various reviews.
Pleasure gal Pleasure gal
Thank you!! As someone who as basically only bought walmart essentials this was great info.
Any recommendations on which is more comfortable g-stings or thongs or basically the same??
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