Orion models

Orion models

potstickers potstickers
Is it just me or are all their models creepy and fake looking? I also noticed that, while they show nipples (covered by EF), they completely blurred the skin out of some crotchless panties. The lingerie doesn't even look real anymore. I hope some reviews come out soon with lots of pictures that show what the pieces actually look like.

I almost prefer the other lingerie companies' mannequins.
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tigerkate tigerkate
Well, I can't really say I agree completely.
They are real people, however they get airbrushed quite a bit and sometimes quite poorly.
With Orion, I specifically see some poor "cut out" and "paste" onto another background... Making the hair and outer lines look weird.

Anyway, most lingerie models do show their nipples in the original photos- but NORMALLY, we end up seeing something with the nipples airbrushed out. That, or pasties. I guess Orion didn't see the point in airbrushing them out, while EF decided they needed to be censored for us.

I agree though, the cut/paste thing makes the models look bizarre and the lingerie look even odder. Especially when buttcheek-lines are airbrushed out... That might just be me, but it bugs me because it's hard to see how it'll look on a butt!
Antipova Antipova
Can someone post a link to one of their items? Unlike searching "Tantus," searching "Orion" doesn't return any of their product results.

Airbrushing on lingerie models definitely upsets me, it's hard enough to tell how something will fit my figure as it is!
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