Role play with costumes

Role play with costumes

domsub1993 domsub1993
My husband and I have not actually role played yet. I do have a French maid outfit and a sexy nurse outfit, and I haven't worn either one. I actually went to nursing school and worked in the profession for 7 years. My problem is that I just don't know how to role play-- even as a nurse.

What do you do in your role playing? What is your favorite costume to wear? Give me ideas for scenarios to act out. How far do you take it?
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unfulfilled unfulfilled
I've never been a maid or nurse. I'm usually a school girl, but this is what I do. I put on my outfit, dress in heels, and any accessories that come with it. (IE nurse stethescope, maid feather duster) then I get a paddle out and go to my husband and bring him back to the bedroom. Talk dirty the whole way like I've been a very bad girl and I need someone to spank me. Do you think you're up for the job etc.

With a nurse maybe you dress up in private then come out dressed up, go to where your husband is and tell him something like I've heard you need some special attention. Don't worry you're in good hands I'm a nurse and personally know how to care for all of your needs. If he's like my husband he's not going to care. He'll be excited you went to the effort.

With the maid if you have a duster you can tickle him with it.
domsub1993 domsub1993
LOL, I actually AM a nurse, so that line would be very believable.

You've given me a very good start. Thank you so much!!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
You're welcome. Just have fun with it that's all that matters.
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