Steam punk accessories

Steam punk accessories

SiNn SiNn
I am in love with the fingerless gloves but I was wondering if there is anything else that could be steam punk and could be worn all the time to accessories . Who else likes steam punk accessories I baught afew pairs ofthe fingerless gloves and added gears and cogs to the wrists to give it even more flare.
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
Striped stockings or tights. Pocketwatch on a chain - attached to either vest or jeans. Victorian-cut ladies' vests - the type with the low front for ruffled blouses to spill over. Gear earrings (I have these). Gear and antique key necklaces (I do this also; Master got me a beautiful acrylic heart necklace with gears embedded in it). Distressed leather purses with copper or brass colored chains, large brass buttons, and other decorations sewn/hooked on. Victorian-look fascinators with gears, clock faces, and keys sewn on. Charms of teacups, keys, cogs, steamships, octopi, pennyfarthing bicycles, steam locomotives, goggles, top hats, gloves, parasols, etc.

There's a wealth of stuff that can be 'steampunked' - anything distressed makes a fine canvas to start out on.
M121212 M121212
I would look around on Etsy if I were you.
Ghost Ghost
Originally posted by M121212
I would look around on Etsy if I were you.
Watch out for all those octopus pocket watches. Pretty much, if you glue a watchpart to it, it's considered "steampunk" these days.
sumie sumie
Be careful when adding gears and cogs to your accessories. Random placement of them is a faux pas in the steampunk community right now. You want the gears and cogs to look functional.

I love rings made from old mechanical wrist watches:

Rewind Jewelry Ring

You can find them on Etsy.

Victorian looking shoes are a great way to add to an outfit. If you want to splurge Fluevog makes a great pair:

Baroque Vermeer

Clockwork Couture sells a similar pair for much less but their website is down for the weekend.

Skeleton pocket watches are great additions and you can get them for around $10 on ebay compared to the $40 I've seen them go at steampunk cons.

I have the Brute Force leather cog choker and love it. I often wear it when I'm not at a steampunk event:

Cog Choker

They also make a bracelet version that I am eyeing:

Cog Bracelet

Brute Force is also the designer of the mechanical arm used in the show Castle.
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