What tip or trick do you use when it comes to your lingerie? (Lets pool our knowledge---wearing, fixing, washing, etc.)

Contributor: js250 js250
We all have our shortcuts, little tricks for making an item fit, washing hints, fixes and repairs, and alterations of sorts that we do for lingerie. Share your tips and tricks and lets get a good knowledge base going for future advice and help!!

Maybe write a book--or not, but at least help each other out in the spirit of the caring community!!
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Contributor: LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
I bought stainless steel rings and 8 rings in case the plastic ones break so that I can fix my things if we're too rough with them. The metal ones never break. Why do they make them with plastic anyway?
Contributor: js250 js250
--I replace the plastic boning with metal boning. (easy to do and you do not have be be a good sewer, either!!

--I add straps to some of the strapless tops to add breast support.

--Buy hangers that have the bottom bar for your corsets. When air drying or storing in your closet, drape the corset over the bottom rod and center it where the lacing in on top over the rod and the material is hanging straight down. This helps the corset keep its shape & straightens the material, which makes ironing unnecessary.

When you store the corset in this manner, it takes up a lot less room in the closet, is neater and better organized, allows for easy identification, creates less of a tangle with the hangers, straps and slipping, and does not misshape your garment from an improper fit on the hanger. It also cuts down on any snags that may happen when pulling other items out of your closet.