When It Comes to Lingerie, What Stops You From Adding it to Your Cart?

Contributor: PussyGalore PussyGalore
Lingerie is my every day wear, so I spend a lot of time on Eden looking at the different outfits available. I think something is absolutely adorable and would love to buy it and then I notice that one thing that really sets me off the piece. It could be something like a simple pattern design, a color, or not liking the panties that come with it. Even so far down as having to purchase an additional item to complete the outfit will make me waiver.

I'm interested now to know what it is that sets you off of an outfit? If you wish, describe your perfect outfit for comparison purposes.

Sizing is understood. There are more threads about sizing than preference, I think. Eh, it might be about equal.
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Contributor: TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
Reviews saying that it is cheaply made.
Contributor: Crystal1 Crystal1
For me it is a lot like clothes- I know that certain shapes/designs are going to be more flattering on my body than others, so I'm probably going to avoid anything that I'm pretty sure just won't look right on me.

Color plays some part, too. I am not that picky about lingerie colors, but I have seen a few pieces on here that just made me cringe a bit at the color combos.
Contributor: Moein Moein
My wife added many lingeries to my wish list, but she knows that we need to choose between Toys and Lingeries.

So my answer is: Toys are more prefered to us from EF, because lingeries can be bought locally.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I think the biggest thing for me in lingerie is - will it do me justice or make me look even more frumpy. And I like breast support!
Contributor: Solar Ray Solar Ray
With lingerie you just never now if it will fit well, will it be decent quality and will it be as sexy as the pic?