Writing better lingerie reviews?

Writing better lingerie reviews?

LinToxic LinToxic
Okay, so I recently joined the EF review program and I have received sex toys and lingerie for review. I seem to write decent sex toy reviews but I'm not so good when it comes to lingerie!

What exactly do people look for when reading lingerie reviews and what do you want to see in them? I have read a few reviews here on EF but I cannot seem to figure out what to write about exactly...

Tips would be appreciated! Thanks!
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LadyEarlGrey LadyEarlGrey
I was wondering the same thing! I haven't done a review on lingerie yet because I knew it would be more difficult then a toy review.

Something that I really love to see are sizing. I know that a lot of people might not be comfortable with posting their measurements for all to see but it is so helpful to me as someone who has a difficult time finding pieces that fit. Along with that are pictures of the piece and even pictures of you in the piece. Again, this may not be something you're all that comfortable with. I'm thinking about lingerie like corsets were it is sometimes hard to tell size from the companies size chart. It always gives me a better idea of how it will or will not fit me if I see someone of a similar size in the lingerie.

Other then that I would say tell the readers how the actual product compared to the product review by the company. I know color tends to change a lot from the picture on the product page to the actual one you get at home.
Ryuson Ryuson
Have you considered signing up for the mentor program to work on your lingerie reviews?

I personally like seeing your measurements and the measurements of the product (Like, I wear a size 9 and this can stretch to fit at least a size 11) because it lets me know about how it will fit me. I also like pictures, but I COMPLETELY understand not wanting to post pictures! I also like to hear if it rode up/down or pressed into your skin during use!
Silverdrop Silverdrop
Even pictures of the flat item are helpful if you don't feel comfortable showing your body or it's something you can't decently appear in without being nsfw.

Look at the quality of the seams - any fraying or loose parts? Any bits of it itchy? Measure things. If straps or stretchy parts are adjustable, give the minimum and maximum measurements. If you're comfortable giving your own measurements and comparing it to the size chart this is helpful. "I have a 41" bustline, which makes me a 1XL in this brand, but I only have B cups, which left some gaping in the bustline of this product" is the kind of comment that is helpful to buyers.

Talk about the feel of the fabric and the care instructions. If it says hand wash only, and you cheated anyway and washed it in the machine on the delicate cycle, how did it turn out?

Is it a good value for money? A $70 bustier should be held to a higher standard than a $20 one.

How easy it is to get on and off by yourself? Not really applicable to things like babydolls or nightgowns, but things with lots of straps and adjustable bits might qualify.

Did it make you feel sexy? If you wore it for your partner, how much did they like it?

Is it comfortable enough to sleep in? For bras and panties, do you wear them everyday as a sexy secret under your work clothes or only put them on for playtime?

If it's a costume, did you use it for any roleplay, or was it just the visual appeal of the french maid / sexy schoolgirl / naughty nurse?

Quite often, the official photos don't show the model from the back. If this is the case, even if you don't have photos, try and explain in words how it looks from behind. I always hate not knowing that!

Hope this helps! I should probably grab all of these notes and put them together with some information about different types of fabric into a tutorial. I love talking about fabric and clothing.
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
I would also talk about the quality of the product as it's made. Did it come undone quickly? Does something feel scratchy? There is nothing worse for my wife than lingerie that is poorly made, it makes her lose all her desire.

The size/fitting is important as well. So many things say L or M, but then it's either way big or small, so some more defined measurements help.
Beck Beck
I have my own template that I have come up with and I suggest you do the same, it helps to stay organized, like the extended template!

My template is broken down as such:

What is it and how functional is it?
This includes what the piece is and if it can be worn for more than just lingerie and I include what are your options for ordering it: sizes, colors.

Material and care
This is were you talk about what the material is and how the tag recommends to wash it. You will want to describe the material and compare it to anything you can think of.

Start from one end of the piece and work to the other. Describe it like there are no product images at all and we know nothing about it. Include everything you with is useful

Talk about your measurements:Bust, Waist, Hips, Cups, Weight range, Height, and anything else that is important to the piece. For example sometimes is is relevant to measure under bust to hips and so on, which will depend on the piece.

Then compare your size to the size chart and say how accurate you found it to be.

This is my overall feeling and describing why I gave it the amount of stars I did.

optional if you want or not, but they are helpful and encouraged.

Also I second that mentor thing, you can pick one that specializes in lingerie.

Any questions about this feel free to message me, I am available most of the time and I usually get all Extremely useful ratings on my lingerie reviews.
Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama Hot 'N Sexy TexasMama
Other than my "story intro" and closing - I'm stealing Beck's template!
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