Anal ease?

Contributor: Cherry21 Cherry21
Does anal ease really work like it's advertised?
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Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Originally posted by Cherry21
Does anal ease really work like it's advertised?
Actually there are threads archived on this. If you play with the search box you should find some conversations on it. When we first came here, we use the search and find tons of stuff.

As for if it works, sorry we have never tried it. I do remember reading the thread though. I will say, we would never try it. If it hurts, best not to engage in that. There are also threads on getting started, etc on anal. The threads have the advantage of yrs of comments from members. Whereas currently there are very few active commentators.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Anal ease is a crutch. Learn to prepare for anal sex properly by; having a positive mental approach, taking time to prepare (tapered toys are especially useful) and of course using plenty of lube.

You want to feel the pleasure - not dull the pain. My wife spent years resisting anal sex - now she seems to prefer it because of the strength of the anal orgasms (that she didn't think were even possible).

Love, patience and communication will get you there. Best of luck to you and your SO
Contributor: Andykh Andykh
Never tried it personally but have had co workers in the past say it works but I would suggest maybe a water base lube and maybe start with smaller anal toys then work ur way up as u feel comfortable
Contributor: Smooth69 Smooth69
I do like it , it does numb me a little
I ram my ass with a huge dildo I want it inside bad so it helps to stretch my hole and penetrate and feels great pounding me deep inside