How much lube?

How much lube?

Dragon Dragon
How much lube do you have?

On the Maximus post she's wondering if it's a bottle that is too big. I have two bottles of lube. One is silicone, one is water. Then I have massage oil. I have no idea when or even if they expire. Or how I'd tell.

I just don't use that much lube. I ignore most of those threads. It definitely has it's place, but...

How much lube do you have? If you have too much how did that happen?
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Sammi Sammi
I have a lot that I can't use anymore - trying to find a good home for it .

For the stuff I use, I have 2 bottles of KY. I try to keep one full bottle on hand so I don't run out. I think they're 6 oz bottles.
ZenaidaMacroura ZenaidaMacroura
I think I have too much. I have three lubes I never use (Wet Platinum, Wet Warming, some O'My Caramel I can't use because of a long freaking story, and that His and Hers stuff). I do use lots of lube though. Mostly Liquid Silk, Maximus, and a kind of generic flavored one I bought at the little brick and mortar place near where I live.

I just keep trying out different lubes, not liking them, and then putting them up and never using them. And I'm a bit of a pack-rat, so I can't bring myself to throw them away.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I have all sorts of lube. Five, six, eight bottles. Lol. I keep some in the bathroom, in the bedroom, at my desk, at Taylor's desk...

I've thrown some really crappy stuff out but mostly I keep it even if I don't like it much. It's always good for a handjob. I've never had any go bad on me.
LikeSunshineDust LikeSunshineDust
I have only ever had one bottle at a time. I bought a 2.5 oz. bottle of KY Silk-E (It's actually a "vaginal moisturizer" not a lube, but I liked it a lot) a few years ago and it expired before I used all of it. I currently have a 4.5 ox. bottle of KY sensual silk which has an expiration date of 6/10, and I'm thinking I'm not gonna get through all of it by then :-/
tantric tantric
3 packs of Ky warming liquid sample/travel packets..

1 bottle of Wet wild blueberry body glide, about half full. This is the best tasting lube I have yet to try. down side it gets sticky as hell still it's a pretty good lube.

1 bottle of Wet naturals, beautifully bare, about 3/4 full. I like it, it just dries up super fast

1 bottle of KamaSutra love potion. This is a really great silicone lube, not sure how much is in the bottle cause it made of colored plastic. It never leaves the shower.

1 bottle of Maximus, thats about 3/4 full. My all time favorite lube, the grand champion of them all, probably the only water based one I'll ever buy again (except for maybe some of the flavored wet products, but Kamasutra makes so many great things for oral that aren't really lubes but thats another story.)

and I have a sample packet of H2O gun oil, that came with my fleshlight, I'll give it try for the hell of it.

over the past few years I have thrown away about every KY product known to man, Astroglide, drugstore generic brands and other freebies. All due to them sucking so bad and getting really sticky, I want to sleep after intense sex. not have a head to toe shower.
tantric tantric
part of my post got cut off. everything was ordered in terms of oldest to newest. this would have been the oldest

1 bottle of kY warming liquid, about 3/4 full ( it really sucks for the most part, I have had if for about 3 years My GF hated it because it gets so damn sticky so fast. I just keep it around for the occasional warm solo session)
Ciao. Ciao.
One bottle of liquid silk and that's it. We don't use a ton of lube around here, but it's probably pretty soon going to be time to get another bottle. I've never kept multiple types around, just didn't really have a use for more than one!
Fun Lover Fun Lover
We have several it depends on application. We like to try different ones we usually just use them with toys and toys are almost always a part of our sex life. We base lube quality on taste, smell, continency, cost, size of bottle and applicator not always in that order. Probably have tried 20 or more in the last 2 years. Favorite lubes water based Maximus, silicone its Pink.
Dragon Dragon
Holy Cow! I'm feeling amazed...
Gary Gary
Lately, we have been stocking one small bottle of Eros Bodyglide (silicone-based), one Regular bottle of Maximus (water-based), and a few one-serving size packets of various flavored lubes, in our personal lubricant cellar. This assortment seems to really cover all of our various needs no matter what is going on in our bedroom nightlife. We used to keep everything, but after a while so much space gets devoted to things that we didn't use at all. So now whenever we get anything new we test it out, and then it either goes into the “kick ass and use often” bin, or into the trash.
Snappy Snappy
Well...I just happen to have a lot of lube right now. I have lots of sample packs of Good Clean Love Almost Naked lube (free), I have two bottles of the same lube (on sale for a song), I have two full tubes of Hathor Aphrodisia and one that is almost empty (bought two with a gift card, received one from Eden for review), I have one bottle of Sliquid Organics (received from Eden for review), I have a bottle of Babeland Entice, a bottle of Babeland Naturals Organic Lube in Naked, a small bottle of Yes! organic water-based moisturizer...I think that's all. I am surprised that I have so many different lubes, but it's great that there are so many natural and organic lubes available now.
ScottA ScottA
I keep several around, just because they are better for various things.

Maximus is a good water-based lube, for anything that needs water-based lubes or where it's better (my SO prefers it for vaginal activities)

Boy Butter is a good all-around anal and JO lube, doesn't dry out

and (don't react too strongly) I do keep a small plastic container of Crisco around. While I don't use it much at all, it is good for big things that don't move fast (like my A-Bomb). It's a mess to clean up after, but it doesn't get squeegeed off during use (I'm getting a Ringo to practice with in the hopes I can learn to relax my ass more and make it so I don't need the heavy duty stuff, unless J wants to try and fist me (which could be fun).

Haven't tried silicone lubes yet, so eventually one of those might join the stock...

There are reasons to have lots of lube.
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
Right now I only have little 1 oz bottles, because that's all I need. I miss having pumps, though...

Usually, I have a bottle of plain water-based lube and something flavored. Once in a blue moon I get packets of silicone lube, but I'm picky about silicone lubricants and I tend to prefer water-based in the first place, so.
Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
I'm actually using a store brand water-based right now and that's all I've got at the moment. I need to get some more...
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I just went thru out bathroom and desk drawers, as well as old toy bags, and thru away SIX bottles of lube.

Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Originally posted by Carrie Ann
I just went thru out bathroom and desk drawers, as well as old toy bags, and thru away SIX bottles of lube.

Uh. Yeah. Out = our.

Stupid fingers.
Nashville Nashville
I still have a big box full of lube that we bought right after I gave birth. It mostly includes KY and Walmart brand, haha. We're talking lube over 4 years old... dear lord, I squirted some out and it was like Jelly- so nasty.

We have a LOT of lube. I can't tell you how many sample bottles I have, so many toys my husband and I have bought/received have come with samples. Toy Fluid, Emotional Bliss, Climax H20, and a few nondescript.. we have a lot of flavored lubes- few bottles by O'my, tons of pillows by ID... I couldn't even count all the lube we have.. and surprisingly, the only lube we really use is Bodyglide which is a silicone lubricant-
Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
My boyfriend had two bottles of lube when I first met him and ever since then our collection has grown. The list, as follows:

1. Slip --threw this one out a few months ago. It wasn't the most awesome lube ever and the glycerin in it made my vagina sad.
2. Cherry Sex Tarts-- he kept wanting me to try this when performing oral sex on him. I don't think he understands that I love the taste of skin!
3. KY Jelly--uh... we only used this once. Or half a time, if that's even possible. Not a fan!
4. Probe--pretty stringy and dubbed "alien lube" by my boyfriend and I because of its black and green bottle (not found on EF).
5. ID Millenium--FAVORITEEEE E. We don't use anything else any more for intercourse and hand jobs and toys. It's just...awesome. I think Pjur Woman might be a silkier feel from what I've tried in stores, but of all the lubes I've taken to bedroom games, Millenium rawks.
Red Red
I probably have a lube bottle stuffed in between my couch cushions, cuz there's lube all over the place around here. We use a different lube for almost every different purpose. for example:

- General lube is liquid silk. If I had to reduce to just one, that would be it. I love love love liquid silk.

- Oil based lube for Anal sex. We even use it for anal with condoms, but in this instance the condom is only serving as a quick cleanup tool (it's not like condoms dissolve on contact with oil lubes, but they get immediately more permeable with respect to viruses and sperm, so it should be noted that this is for anal within a fluid bonded couple).

- Husband uses cheap, pumptop, glycerine based lube for jerking off, because it recharges so wonderfully over and over and over again with the addition of water.

- I keep very particular flavored lubes around for handjob+toyjob+blowjob s on my husband. I don't mind if they contain glycerin because in this instance the activity does not include vaginal penetration type sex, and thus I am more concerned about the ingredients being foodsafe (stricter regulations than cosmetic safe, which is the standard benchmark for lube ingredients). Plus, as mentioned, glycerin recharges with water extremely well.

- Small bottles of glycerin free water based lubes for use at playparties (because they're universal)

- Silicone lube for those rare times I'm playing with toys that are not silicone. I don't like to use silicone lube for vaginal sex (the resulting silicone slick on my thighs bugs me), and I find it too thin for anal.

In case you're wondering why anyone would be so particular about lubes...I am a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry so I get off on this kind of stuff.
Ariane Ariane
I still have the same bottle of Liquid Sex Sensitive Light I reviewed a long time ago. I'll probably need to buy a new bottle, or maybe try a new lube eventually, since I have maybe 1/3 of the bottle left.

Glycerin is not my friend, as I found out from trying KY, store-brand, and Astroglide.
kittychilla kittychilla
i'm about to aquire 6 more bottles of lube. all different brands. just to see what i like more.

so i'll have..

2 bottles of cum-lube (lube from another website). 1 unopened and 1 half full.

1 bottle of wet blueberry bodyglide

and soon to come..

1 bottle of wet synergy

1 bottle of ID moments

1 bottle of maximus

1 bottle of liquid silk

1 bottle of sliquid H20

1 bottle of moist personal lubricant.
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