I have never used silicone based lubricants

Contributor: Moonshyne7785 Moonshyne7785
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What is the difference in feeling if anyone can describe please.
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Contributor: Aishiteru Aishiteru
Compared to water based lube silicone feels more like an oil than a gel.
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
silicone gives a more slippery experience & doesn't wash away during water play as waterbased lubes do. however, don't use silicone lubes w/ silicone products due to a possible chemical reaction that could ruin your silicone toy. also, lots of people prefer silicone lubes for anal play.
Contributor: wicked48 wicked48
It has an oily feel to it. It doesn't evaporate like some water based lubes. It's great for water play!
Contributor: Paradoxica Paradoxica
I'm brand new to silicone lube...have always used water-based. Recently I found out that I could use very high quality sil. lube with very high-quality sil. toys (had always heard not to do this because it can ruin the toy, but this is apparently only when the products are of lesser quality).
Anyway, they definitely feel different from water-based. WB feels very slippery (and soon turns sticky) and the SB is more - what my girlfriend describes as - silky.