Lubes safety? How safety they are for real?

Lubes safety? How safety they are for real?

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I'm pretty sure most of you know about toys and Phthalates, and that you don't have to buy something with that on it.

But you know that because you care about, or just because some toy or brand claims "Phthalates free" on the package? A lot of you pay much more for silicone toys just to be safe about your healt, but at the same time you use this toys with lubes that can contains ingredients much worse than what Phthalates could do.

I have been researching for safe lubes, ingredients, reading and reading to try to understand a little more. On EF you can even select "safety features" such Paraben free or Glycerin free.

I realized a lot of "safety" lubes replaced Glycerin with Propylene Glycol. If you make a research about those 2 ingredients you will see that they both are approved by FDA and they are on GRAS list too. So probably you are thinking what is the point? The point is Paraben is also in those lists as a safe product cosmetic.

There is more, some lubes uses Vegetable Glycerin which is really safe and, by far, safer than Propylene Glycol. But people do not know that. I read a review were the user cons was "it contains Glycerin", it was Vegetable Glycerin. We really know what is safe and what is not safe for lubes?

So what is more important to you? I solid product of a toy, or a liquid product that it is absorbed for your skin?

And another question, it is that hard to make a lube that does not contain ingredients that could have side effects on long term use?

Please move the post if this is not the right place, it is more a discussion than a question about lubes.
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Some users can not use lubes that contain glycerin because it can cause yeast infections in those prone to getting them. Glycerin isn't dangerous for many people.
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One thing is Glycerin (it uses animal fat) and like you say it can give some side effects for some people.

Vegetable Glycerin has not that effects on people and that is why some brands uses it on their products.
At least 2 o 3 products on EF uses Vegetable Glycerin instead Propylene Glycol that it does have as bad effects like Glycerin (no the sames)

Is a big different, just like fat a trans fat. Both are the same, but they do not have the same effects on our organism
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