Silicone lube and bed linens

Contributor: GirlOnGirl GirlOnGirl
I'm thinking of trying a silicone lube but I've heard that this type will leave stains on the sheets and am concerned about this. Will it wash out or is the staining permanent? Does anyone have any info or suggestions? Thanks.
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Contributor: puppylove puppylove
I've used Gun Oil in the past which is a silicone based lube, we didn't have any issues with it staining our sheets, it washed out. It might depend on the lines and the lube. I have regular ol cotton sheets from a discount store, nothing too fancy or expensive. I wonder if maybe they stain satin or higher quality bedding easier?
Contributor: Claire-Bear Claire-Bear
Some will leave a stain. If you can opt for a better quality silicone lubricant. You can also get a liberator throe and not have to worry about your sheets.
Contributor: babyrock babyrock
I never had good luck getting silicone stains out of linen. I tried all sorts of brands, from the cheapo drug store brand to expensive ones that cost $20 for a tiny bottle.
Contributor: marigolds6 marigolds6
Used Wet Platinum, ID Millennium, and at least one other of those selling party brand lubes. Have had no problems with staining bedsheets. I have seen them stain shelves/storage boxes though, but I think that takes quite a bit of time to do that.