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Wonderland pure silicone lubricant
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What is the advantage of a pure silicone lubricant?
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Suisei Suisei
In comparison to a hybrid water/silicone lubricant? The first thing to come to mind would be the smaller ingredient list. Many water based formulas have parabens, glycerin, etc. These substances may be irritating for some people.

Many silicone lubes are made primarily of silicone (e.g. Dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane) and lack irritating ingredients. Personally, I have to be very picky with water based and hybrid lubes, as many cause irritation. I've never had an issue with silicone, though.

The main downsides are the often higher price tag, and the fact that silicone lube may affect the integrity of some silicone toys (do a patch test on the flange first).

I hope this answers your question to a degree.
Pandora'sBox Pandora'sBox
Yeah, there are the perks that it is usually more body-safe than water or oil-based lubes because there's no glycerin or paraben or, in the case of some flavored lubes, aspartame or sweeteners.

Another perk is that it lasts longer during sex as a little bit goes a long way. You don't have to use very much as it spreads a lot and stays wet. It's also easy to wash out of fabric (or at least the ones I have used are.) They're also generally condom-friendly.

The downsides in my experience have been that they aren't safe to ingest, even in small bits, so you won't find them in any flavors and they aren't good for oral sex. They are more expensive (but higher quality) and they are not good to use with silicone toys as the friction of silicone on silicone can cause the toy to crumble.

My fiance and I like to use flavored or water-based lubes for oral and toy fun, but for penetrative sex we stick with silicone.
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