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Contributor: N&M N&M
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We've used the naturals, how are the organics? Better, worse, same?
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Contributor: JadeKitten JadeKitten
Originally posted by N&M
We've used the naturals, how are the organics? Better, worse, same?
I would like to know that too, I would also like to know the best natural types and what are the main differences between naturals and organics.
Contributor: EskaSarynn EskaSarynn
This is also of interest to me - I just ordered the naturals, but this organic gel caught my eye too.. wondering how it's different/better, if it is at all.
Contributor: Janis Janis
I've tried the Sliquid Organics Silk and LOVED it! It closely mimics my body's natural moisture, has little taste, and doesn't get sticky. It's perfect for me because I don't need a lot of additional moisture for penetration, and if oral sex ends up happening after penetration, the taste is negligible.

However, it is a water-based lubricant and will dry out before a silicone or oil-based one will. Spit or a spray of water from a bottle will reconstitute it quickly and easily. Also, it's easy to wash off and doesn't stain if you get it on your bedsheets!
Contributor: Ningyo Ningyo
I've only used the Organics line because the comparable regular Sliquid products aren't much cheaper per ounce, if at all. I figure I'll go for the more sustainable option since the prices are about the same. I've tried the Organics Sea and Organics Gel, and really like them both.