Trouble finding the right lube

Trouble finding the right lube

brainyspecs brainyspecs
I'm having a little trouble finding the right lube. My SO prefers thin lubes that last longer (yes, I know) and I prefer lubes without glycerin (I am prone to yeast infections.) We also finish up with oral quite frequently so no smell and especially no taste is important.

Our current lube is Sliquid Sea which I love, but he says it doesn't last long enough, and he'd prefer it to be a little thinner.

I'm looking at Sliquid Silk and a few others, but what do you suggest?

Edit: He's a little put off by the appearance of Sliquid Silk, so something clear might be more his taste.
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Ghost Ghost
Here's the problem:

Lubes that are water-based and glycerine free often use cellulose (tasteless, like sliquid sea or H2O) or herbal alternatives, which may taste slightly bitter.

These lubes do not last long because they are poorer lubricants (glycerine is superior, chemically speaking), and because they are water based (your body absorbs it and it dries up).

If you want something that lasts longer, you probably need something silicone based... but you don't want to ingest these.

If you want something thinner, you can always add a bit more water.
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