What Flavor would you recommend?

Contributor: Mylo Mylo
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I was thinking of ordering pralines and cream. What do you suggest?
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Contributor: K101 K101
This is another one I'd suggest reading reviews about. You'll get much quicker answers than waiting on people to find your post here.

My preference would be fruity like strawberry, and I do have a couple of these flavors on my wishlist, but not pralines and cream -- doesn't sound that good to me. I do love intimate organics though and use 2 of their products regularly (clitoral gel and hydra lube).

However, I remember reading a review on this that said the flavor and scent wasn't that great and hardly noticeable, so I've just decided to stick with my delicious Shunga Strawberry Champagne for the time being.
Contributor: Sexy Desire Sexy Desire
Honestly, each time I order something with a taste, it always tastes what it sounds like it should or what I imagine it should. The reality has been not so good. Either you need to have an open mind or just understand it is really difficult to match a good product with a good taste and then how do they determine what actually tastes good? What I think it awful, someone may have wanted. In the end, I buy the high quality products and if they taste is 'fruity', it is a bonus. Good luck!
Contributor: Lvstoplay Lvstoplay
Originally posted by Mylo
I was thinking of ordering pralines and cream. What do you suggest?
I love the Cherry.