For the guys: What is the best lube for masturbators and for hand jobs? Advice appreciated.

Contributor: Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
I am prone to getting UTIs and yeast infections, so I am careful about the lube that I use. I try to buy organic lubes without parabens or glycerin. Unfortunately, the lubes that work best for me are pretty expensive. Keeping the expense of my lubes in mind, we have (unfortunately) found that it takes quite a bit more lubricant to lube up stroker sleeves than what we use for partner sex or for use with my toys. And it also takes quite a bit more lube for hand jobs because it tends to dry out quicker when engaged in that particular activity.

So . . . what I want to know is a two-fold question:

1) What is your favorite lube for strokers/masturbator sleeves? (My husband has a Fleshlight, a Tenga Flip Hole, and a Vibratex Maven, so we are limited to water-based for some of these).

2) What is your favorite lube for hand jobs?

After being "cheap" and trying to use one lube for every purpose, I am now beginning to realize that it would be cheaper in the long run to just buy a lube for each purpose. We'll have a lube for partner sex and for me to use with my toys, a lube for my husband to use with his toys, and another lube dedicated for hand jobs (since it absolutely drives me NUTS to continually need to stop and "re-lube").

Thank you for any advice or suggestions.
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Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
For toys I like Maximus and for hand jobs Better Sex Essentials. I would go with the Maximus if I had to chose just one.
Contributor: Kindred Kindred
For masturbators/strokers, I like to use Liquid Silk. It is very slick and lasts. Maximus is too thick for me, so I reserve it for anal play only. If silicone is an option, I use Bodyglide. So yeah, we have at least 3 lubes at all times.
Contributor: Taylor Taylor
We use liquid silk and I like it alot as does he. I do believe it has parabens in it though so that may make it a deal breaker for you.
Contributor: married with children married with children
Jo water based anal lube works pretty good for hand jobs. stays slick for a long time. Also Wet Stuff, i find works well. The gel. And if it is taking a while to get off, all she has to do is put a little spit in her hand.
Contributor: rdytogo rdytogo
For handjobs we only used wet platinum and for toys we use maximus.
Contributor: Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
Thanks for the advice, everyone! I will be placing an order in a few weeks (hopefully) and I plan to add on a couple of lubes for my husband. This helps me to narrow down the dizzying selection offered here at EF.

I was wondering whether or not anyone has tried Boy Butter for hand jobs? For some reason, the idea of scooping out some thick balm to use for hand jobs sounds SO appealing to me. But that's probably because I am totally addicted to the body butters from The Body Shop, LOL! There's just something about that type of texture that makes me want to play with it (and wanting to play with smooth, rich texture can't be a bad thing when giving a hand job!). I might just have to get it, along with some of the other lubes you guys have mentioned. You know . . . just for the sake of scientific experimentation . . . because SOMEBODY's got to do it.