hairy vagimas

Contributor: inspectorbush inspectorbush
Is a vagina with hair all over it as good as the real thing
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Contributor: Dominica Dominica
I personally HATE hairy toys. But that's definitely a matter of preference.
Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Yeah, dear Inspectorbush, realistic masturbators with hair, like this beauty right here can definitely work and feel as more realistic, but it heavily depends on what do you like and used to seeing in real life. I knew people who have never seen hairy genitals in real life, hence hairy sex toys felt off to them. If it contributes to your fantasy, it will work perfectly.
Contributor: Mistress M. Mistress M.
Being bisexual, I can't stand performing oral on a girl that's hairy. However if that's what you like, go for it! I definitely stay away from hair toys.

And hairy vaginas just made me think of the restaurant Fuzzy' s Tacos, and I can't stop laughing.
Contributor: Sex Guy Sex Guy
Man, hair on those toys feel nothing like the real thing, but it's not that bad - I mean it in a good way. Those hair are always very soft and super well groomed. If you add some kind of a lotion that you like the scent of, you can make it pretty much better than some of the real-life options.