Trying to get my husband to masturbate more.

Trying to get my husband to masturbate more.

BeeLeaveMe BeeLeaveMe
I have a lot of fun masturbating by myself. It helps me feel better, sleep better and feel all around sexier. My husband hardly ever masturbates. Were talking like once evry4-5 months. I do it like 6 times a week. This week he worked a lot and was having trouble sleeping. I suggested masturbation and he just laughed at me. I enjoy my toys so much and he enjoys my toys too. I was just thinking he'd like one of his own. I thought about buying him a masturbator. I just don't know where to start. And if you he doesn't ever masturbate does anyone think he'd appreciate the gesture? I think it would help our sex life.
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Bulma Bulma
Everybody (while growing up and from talking with friends) says that all men masturbate often, and it's a load of crap. I was under the impression that all men masturbate daily, however my husband only masturbates on average once every two months or so. I requested to review a fleshlight for my husband and though I won't get it for about a month, he is getting pretty excited about it. The fleshlight website has some demos and videos showing off their different sleeves and explains them a bit. I would suggest maybe looking at the site with him to see if he is even interested before springing a new toy on him. I will be getting an "ice" version that is clear. My husband was pretty excited that I would be able to watch the action when he used it.

Like I said, I haven't received it yet, but my hubby has been pretty excited to get something that will be just for him, and that I will enjoy watching him use. Although I pointed him to it, he felt good that he picked out what he wanted.

There are other cheaper options out there too (like Sue Johnson's Head Honcho link ) but I found my husband really liked all the visual stimulation from the Fleshlight website. He seemed to be drawn to the more masculine look of the flashlight-like case too.

Just something to think about, and best of luck!
Nashville Nashville
My husband actually hates masturbators. He likes to masturbate because it's quick, we're talking around 2 minutes to just get off... and he does it about 3 or 4 times a week, he sneaks it though so he wants it to be over with as soon as possible and as hassle free as it can be. Masturbating with masturbators takes the time to clean it before hand and after as well and also to rattle around looking for lube and making a mess all over yourself that you eventually have to clean up. However, the only masturbator that he really has seemed to enjoy is link it's only $15 too, really a bargain. It doesn't look like much but apparently there are really pronounced ridges inside of it that do a lot for him.
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
I'm a guy, and I masturbate about once per week on average. Masturbation sleeves bring a different facet to it that I do enjoy on occasion. I have Sue Johanson's Head Honcho and like it very much. I would suggest getting a less expensive one first to see if there is some value to them for him before making the jump to the Fleshlight because they are quite a bit more expensive (with lots of choices as well).
Essin' Em Essin' Em
I think the question at hand is *why* do you think he needs to masturbate more? Is *he* happy with how much he masturbates, and your sex life? It seems like both of you are good with your toys, and enjoy playing with them - maybe he's just not so into getting himself off. We all masturbate at different rates (and sometimes we each change as well, depending on how we're feeling), and that's ok too. Men (anyone for that matter) don't need to masturbate a certain amount in order to have a sexuality satisfying sex life.

I'd figure out where this desire is coming from within you, and also talk it over with him first before you invest any money in anything.

Just my two cents.

-Essin' Em
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
I'm going to agree with Essin' Em here- talk to him first. Toys can be a way to enjoy masturbation, but if he is comfortable with his current place or has other things going on, getting him a surprise toy might not turn out as well as expected.
Talk to him first and then help him pick out his own toy, if he's interested in one.
Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme) Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
Wow. I would imagine most wives would have OPPOSITE problem. What a great wife you are!

I MUCH prefer a sleeve (actually the Cyberskin Cyber Sex Buddy) to my own right hand, since it feels wonderful (almost like the real thing) but it does take a little while to clean up afterwards and it's not so spontaneous (you need lube, to lather it up etc.)
galatians5one galatians5one
Originally posted by BeeLeaveMe
I have a lot of fun masturbating by myself. It helps me feel better, sleep better and feel all around sexier. My husband hardly ever masturbates. Were talking like once evry4-5 months. I do it like 6 times a week. This week he worked a lot and ...
I need more sexual pleasure and release than does my wife, so with her blessing I am a regular masturbator. For me the Fleshlight has made solo sex both easier, and so much more enjoyable.
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