What is the care for a masturbator?

Contributor: sevennn sevennn
This is probably a weird question, coming from someone with female anatomy, but here it goes. How does one care for a masturbator/Fleshlight ? My friend bought one for her boyfriend (no, really, my actual friend) and this will be his first one. What are some tips and tricks to keeping them clean and like new?

The one in particular that he's getting is the Bethaine.

I already know that they should be cleaned after use. I know that you can use cornstarch to get the realistic feel back, but when should that be done? I also know to use rubbing alcohol after cleaning to make it dry faster. Any personal tips/tricks for cleaning are also appreciated. What can be done to avoid splitting/tearing around the hole?

I will be making him a little booklet (as a joke) with these tips so he knows how to clean it.
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Contributor: Leil@ Leil@
Caring tips for Bethaine are the same as for any toy made of TPR - store it separately from other toys and clean it with specific toy cleaner and slightly warm water. It is very important to thoroughly clean the inner part of a masturbator because due to its texture the lube and body fluids can easily stick inside. If it's possible, you may turn the masturbator inside out and rinse it under lukewarm water, but this method may cause microtears of a material.

I wouldn't recommend using rubbing alcohol for TPR toys, because it can be harmful to them.

Specifically for Fleshlights, it is recommended to use 70% Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning and drying.

To prevent your masturbator become sticky, you should apply cornstarch all over the toy after each use when it's fully dry.

To avoid splitting and tearing around the hole you should be very careful with your toy. Unfortunately, there is no magic remedy for these cases.