Which Of These Fleshlights Do You Recommend/Own/Think Are The Best Choice For Someone's First Fleshlight?

Which Of These Fleshlights Do You Recommend/Own/Think Are The Best Choice For Someone's First Fleshlight?

ShadowKitten ShadowKitten 05/06/2011

Basically looking to choose between the STU, Succudry, Jenna Haze mouth, and 'fleshlight girls' (Lotus texture in most) Fleshlights as my first Fleshlight. I want the first to be enjoyable, fairly tight (I have an average girth and average length but I do want it to really grasp on but not painfully) experience though.

Thoughts and opinions are more than welcomed, same with personal experiences, please give reasonings behind your voting and expand a bit on why you think your voted one would be good as a 'first fleshlight'

thanks in advance!

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ShadowKitten ShadowKitten
provide the reason why you would choose the one you voted for please
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liilii080 liilii080
Jenna and Tera are supposed to be amazing based on what I've read of reviews. Unfortunately, I don't have the equipment to use one and I can't convince my man that it would actually be fun for him so I can't speak from experience!
Britt&Daniel Britt&Daniel
We just ordered a Fleshlight girls Jenna Haze lotus this morning!
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I voted for the Jenna Haze mouth as that is my personal favorite.

I would be cautious with the two sex in can models you have on your list you said you wanted them tight so they may work well for you but I personally found them to be to tight and I'm average sized.
Mitten Mitten
Originally posted by ShadowKitten
provide the reason why you would choose the one you voted for please
I'd choose Tera in a line-up, her pussy is most like mine so it must be best!
ToyGurl ToyGurl
Basically, I would go with any of the "Fleshlight girls". They are more expensive, but when you pay more, you are usually getting higher quality. My fiance and I learned this especially with mens toys.

What's most important is to judge with your eyes. Guys and girls alike can look at an object and tell if it's going to "feel good" inside them or in a man's case, with their dick inside of it. Judge the openings of the fleshlights... Do you want her tight or with a little room to jerk around? If you're more fond of tighter holes, which many men are, get a tighter looking fleshlight. Also look at the length. If your peter is a little longer than most (longer than 5 inches) look for an XL size. Be careful that the XL is not for thick dicks, but long dicks.

Now, for the chubby chuck's... go for somewhat of a wider hole. Some men's toys arent' as stretchy as they look, and a small opening can make for a sore dick the next day.

So use your eyes, and your dick to tell you what to buy. If it's a gift for another man, ask him what he would prefer if he was buying a sex toy. If you don't want to give it away, ask him if he would prefer anal or vaginal sex if he could choose one. This can help you choose how tight the hole should be. Judging that you know his dick length and diameter, you can decide if an XL size is needed.

and lmao @ Mitten!
My boyfriend has the Tori Black and loves it!
Rightya Rightya
Jenna Haze
ajwonder ajwonder
I want all of them lol.
Mr. E Mr. E
I have two Fleshlights.

The Fleshlight Girls Stoya Swallow, which I really like and the Lady Lager sex in a Can...which does nothing for me at all.

So of these choices, I'd suggest the Jenna Haze Mouth. The Swallow texture is quite nice.
ShadowKitten ShadowKitten
Just to stop new posts and votes, I did eventually snag the STU and am loving it to bits, very intense texture! I may eventually get a second (either the Fleshlight Girls or a Sex In A Can variety) if I ever have the cash :3
DreamWolf DreamWolf
(Sorry, am a vamp freak when it comes to items having to choose which... )
T&A1987 T&A1987
I think the clear ones look better.
Raym Raym
I'd prefer Jenna Haze Forbidden to be honest. But all of them are amazing.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
I'd want a mouth
te te
The mouths on Fleshlights just look off to me.
The Unnamed The Unnamed
Originally posted by ShadowKitten
provide the reason why you would choose the one you voted for please
stu bc it is the most intense, if u can last in that of course
MGDavicnigirl MGDavicnigirl
Terra Patrick looks pretty hot!
freda freda
Originally posted by ShadowKitten
provide the reason why you would choose the one you voted for please
Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze mouth
MissCandyland MissCandyland
Mhay64 Mhay64
(Boyfriend talking) My first one was the STU, it was actually a gift from someone. Very enjoyable. No comparison to the real thing though.
Falsepast Falsepast
Definitely not Succu Dry
lokidies lokidies
my first was stu >.> best thing I ever bought
Neotigress Neotigress
Since I'm not a guy, it was purely on aesthetics. I find the disembodied mouth kinda creepy and this was a prettier color. My favorite is the alien, which for some reason, I don't find at all creepy.
J5ive J5ive
asandahl asandahl
Get all of them LOL
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Tori Black
sexxxkitten sexxxkitten
Jenna Haze mouth
lokidies lokidies
lot of girls answering mine was stu
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