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Stoya Swallows!

The Stoya Mouth masturbator is manufactured by Fleshlight. It is part of their Fleshlight Girls line of products modeled after various pornstar orifices. This one, as its name suggests, is modeled after the mouth of the beautiful porn star Stoya. It utilizes Fleshlight's "swallow" inner texture sleeve which is designed to replicate the sensation of oral sex. This is a high quality masturbator that I was quite pleased with and thrilled to find is made in the USA.
Lifelike feel. Enhanced masturbation. Easy clean-up. Discreet "flashlight" appearance. Made in USA
Fleshlight case seems a little big, but no real cons for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
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The Fleshlight Girls Stoya Mouth is suitable for anyone who has a penis and masturbates. Yeah basically, most guys. I guess that would explain how they have sold over 3 million Fleshlights. Its primary use is for male hand-held masturbation. Those who are more resourceful can secure it in place to provide a hands-free masturbation experience. Yeah, you can fuck Stoya's pretty little mouth. This makes her even more life-like.

Additionally, Stoya can be used by couples to enhance their fantasy play. I had my first MFF threesome with Stoya and my wife. Hot!

Stoya is pretty easy going. She will play along with whatever scenario you create. She really likes when you grasp her firmly and stroke her up and down your shaft. Her pretty little lips will wrap around your shaft, creating a nice seal as you explore the depths of her inviting throat. Her throat was designed to replicate the sensation you would experience if you were receiving fellatio. Stoya is one hot little fellatrix!

Material / Texture

The Fleshlight sleeve is made from their patented SuperSkin material, which they describe as being non-toxic and phthalate free. It does have a slight smell to it, but it is not at all unpleasant. The Stoya sleeve is highly porous; therefore, she should not be shared. She is very soft and has a fair amount of squeezability. Her texture is slightly tacky, which seems to help her retain the lube once she is all slicked up. I must admit that she did feel pretty realistic when lubed up.
    • Light odor
    • Plush
    • Porous

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

There are actually two separate components to the Fleshlight: the plastic "flashlight" case and the removable masturbation sleeve.

Stoya's Fleshlight case is a pearl white, hard plastic container. It kind of resembles an over-sized flashlight, hence the name. At 10" long and 3 1/2" in diameter, it is much larger than any flashlight that I own. In fact, it takes up quite a bit of room in the top drawer of my well stocked toy box.

I was actually quite surprised at how solid the plastic container felt; it was a lot sturdier than I expected. This is not a cheap import. There is a removable cap on each end; one covers the "mouth" and the other can be adjusted to control the amount of suction. Both caps can also be removed for easy cleaning. The masturbation sleeve is easily inserted and removed from the large end of the Fleshlight case. When inserted, the sleeve fits nicely and feels secure inside the case.

The exterior portion of the masturbation sleeve is a replica of Stoya's mouth. I've never met Stoya, but it looks like they did a fine job. My only issue is her raised signature just below her mouth. It's a bit distracting. I keep finding myself trying to wipe it away thinking it is a loose hair or even possibly Stoya slobber.

The inner texture of the Stoya Mouth utilizes Fleshlight's "Swallow" sleeve. It was designed with a tight opening and ribbed passageway to simulate oral sex. While it is intended to feel like oral sex, the Stoya Mouth feels more like vaginal sex to me. There are two specific reasons why I say this. First, the Stoya mouth has no teeth and second, she has no gag reflex. I'm calling that a win-win situation. Oh, and for the trifecta...she also swallows. Very nice!

Stoya seemed to fit me perfectly, so I wondered: just how is it that Fleshlight was able to design this wonderful masturbator and make her fit me just right? Well, the answer is actually in the spongy goodness that is the SuperSkin sleeve. It has a considerable amount of pillowy-soft, elasticity to it, but how much? I decided to investigate further. I found that her throat was tight enough to lightly grasp hold of my inserted finger. I then probed her with a few of my wife's larger toys. I can report that Stoya is able to take everything in our collection. Of course I have no way to know how well it would feel if you did truly stretch her to capacity. But for me, she feels great.

Fleshlight has many different textures available on their various products. This is my first Fleshlight product so I cannot compare the Stoya/swallow sleeve to their others. But, I will say that I do like it. I like it a lot!
    • Discreet look/design
    • Realistic
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

Fleshlight recommends using water-based lubes only. Stoya's SuperSkin material will have a bad reaction to oil or silicone based lubes.

When she is finished taking care of business, simply remove the Stoya sleeve from her case and treat her to a nice but thorough warm rinse to remove any fluids. No need for fancy soaps or any of those girly scented cleaners; they will irritate her and shorten her life expectancy. Just plain water will do. Don't worry, she likes it. In fact, Fleshlight recommends only using plain water for clean-up. I found Fleshlight's included cleaning procedures to be pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Just make sure to let her dry completely before tucking her away for storage. If necessary, a small amount of isopropyl alcohol can also be used for tougher cleaning. Fleshlight also suggests using corn starch as needed to restore Stoya's silky feel. I can confirm the effectiveness of cornstarch. I found a light dusting of cornstarch left Stoya feeling silky smooth, just like new.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Fleshlight Girls Stoya Mouth arrived double sealed. The pearl white Fleshlight was enclosed in a factory sealed plastic bag inside a sealed metal canister. The canister is actually a nice idea. It would be great for storage. However, it is adorned with several provocative female silhouettes as well as detailed product images that will limit its use to storing the Fleshlight somewhere out of sight. In fact, the Fleshlight itself was more discreet than the canister. Also enclosed was a sample of Fleshlight's Fleshlube lubricant along with a brief care and usage brochure. All in all, the packaging was pretty nicely done.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I am fairly new to the use of masturbators. Based on what I had seen in the local shops, I had always thought they were junk. My wife encouraged me to try my first one, The Golden Lips. I reviewed it here
It was a pretty good experience because it opened my eyes to the potential of these toys. I continued to use the Golden Lips...that is until I received the Fleshlight.


My first experience with the Stoya Fleshlight was a very enjoyable experience playing along with my lovely wife. My wife can be very vocal. She enjoys talking dirty and sharing her fantasies with me. I just love it! Good, clean fun. Anyways, when the Fleshlight arrived we could hardly wait to try it out. It was getting late when our son was finally in bed for the night, so we eagerly headed to our playroom. But tonight was going to be different, this was going to be Stoya night. It all happened so fast, that I cannot even remember all of the details. After just a little bit of touchy-feely foreplay and before I knew it, she had Stoya lubed up and ready to inhale my cock. As my wife slowly lowered Stoya's mouth down the length of my cock, I immediately knew that Stoya was different. By different, I mean better than my previous masturbator...much better. Stoya felt nice, very nice! Then my wife started her dirty talk: "go ahead honey feed her your hard cock baby, fuck her pretty little mouth". That's about all it took. I was done! I never finish so quickly. The combination of my naughty little wife and our new friend Stoya was just too much.

I was equally impressed with Stoya during solo play. In fact, since I got Stoya, I have not masturbated without her. She feels good, no matter what I do with her. She warms up nicely after soaking in a basin of hot water as Fleshlight recommends. She is great for hand-held masturbation, but even better during hands-free masturbation. I secured Stoya to a small ottoman where I was able to then take her hands-free, sort of doggie style. I know that when my wife reads this, she is sure to insist that I show her. I can't wait.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fleshlight Girls Stoya Mouth. She has greatly exceeded my expectations. In fact, Stoya is my new all-time favorite toy.
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