What toy is better for a couple?

What toy is better for a couple?

ryse ryse
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Zombirella Zombirella
Not trying to be mean but these posts don't give any of us anything to go on. You need to be more specific. Posting a bunch of different topics basically saying the same thing in different words doesn't help any better either. And if I'm not mistaken you posted this same question yesterday. Please click on the heart next to your topic and it will turn orange, then you can click on Favorite Discussions and find posts so you don't keep posting the same thing.

We don't know what you are interested in. So being specific like "We are looking into cock rings" or vibrators, dildos, ect will help others make suggestions.

If you could be more specific I along with many others here would love to help you out .
K101 K101
Originally posted by ryse
Like in the last posting, you need to be more specific and posting multiple times, without anything more specific than this will definitely get you flagged/reported for spam. Just a friendly tip. Just try to be a little more specific and we'll all be glad to give you suggestions

Again, you need to go into detail about ya'll's preferences before anyone can give much suggestions. However, I may have a few good ones! It really depends though. Are you guys looking for hard plastic material, vibrators or dildos? Realistic or not? Dual action or bullet? Silicone or Tpr? What kind of things are you most interested in? Cock rings? Massage products?

If cock rings are something ya'll want to try out, there's a million available! Check the reviews to learn what others thought about the products. I have heard great things about Evolved's cock rings, and my experience with Evolved has been pretty spectacular! I like a lot of their vibes. Flutter is an outstanding rabbit style vibe! I would recommend it if you guys were looking for a rabbit style/dual action vibe. If you're looking for bullets, I don't know. The Xtreme bullet (I think is the name?) gets great reviews. It's green and blue I think.

If you're looking for a good, soft vibrator that isn't huge, but still good for penetration, the Bgood Deluxe and many other of the Bgood ones are good.

If you're looking for something large--which I wouldn't recommend if ya'll have never used toys before--I can't give much advice since I don't use large toys, but reviews are extremely helpful! Maybe go with a nice clitoral vibrator for the first time. Silicone or something squishy like TPR is a wonderful material to start out with since it's smooth and soft. Most people enjoy silicone and many are OK with TPR. It really all goes back to your personal preferences though.
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