Women Reviewers.

Women Reviewers.

TexasBrat TexasBrat
Originally posted by Blinker
Well we still have a lot of men who are kinda eeked out by sex toys and the like. Mine is. I mean he readily uses vibes and dildos on me and had no issues with the Tenga Egg, but he doesn't like the idea of pocket pussies or fleshlights. But he ...
Thankfully, my hubby has grown to like toys. Took a long time though.
twistedheartsx twistedheartsx
I've tried and tried to get my guy to review. He wants to review the toys, but doesn't want to actually write the reviews. If I find a toy he really likes, I may just have to have him help me co-write a review and see how fun it is!
whubwa whubwa
On one hand I'd enjoy being a reviewer... on the other not so much.

In my opinion women have millions of toy options... while men's toy options seem limited and are just starting to branch out and get creative. I just recently received my Cobra Libre from EF, and it's awesome. This thing is a classic must have the way the rabbit is loved by women. But the only reason I even knew about the toy, is because I've been following it since it was a whisper in germany, and being hinted to being released in the states. I'm working on a comprehensive review of it myself, after I've catalogued all the settings and so on.

But not sure if there are many worthy toys out there for men to review like there are for women. Look at all the innovative toys that have been coming out in the past 5 years for women. It looks like a treat to try them all out. The men's toys? There are a few that stand out. But many of the rest seem so so. I'm really hoping to see more new innovative ideas come out like the Tenga, Fleshlight, Cobra libre, the rude boy's and njoy.

But who knows... maybe there's a lot more toys out there than I've seen and I'm missing out on some big winners!
Danielle1220 Danielle1220
I just wrote a review on my husbands pussy toy...it was fun!! Although I do agree we need more male input.
SexyySarah SexyySarah
I've thought about writing a review on my hubby's fleshlight, but haven't decided on it yet. I've asked my hubby to review, but he doesn't want to.
byteme97 byteme97
I try to hit both the male only and couples perspective as much as possible. Fact is the best male toy for most has been "at hand" since birth, and many male toys (if not most) are all about new textures for the age old standby. That said, to quote a great line from Clerks "Insert somewhere close, preferably moist, thrust, repeat" is not always what it is all about, but it does work.

I enjoy reading the reviews posted by women about men's toys, because they tend to have a much more artistic view of the process (no offense to JR who does have a way with language in his reviews). I often find myself needing to de-tech my reviews and paint the picture instead of just snapping the Polaroid.

Kudos to the male reviewers, and the women who put up with us ...
byteme97 byteme97
Originally posted by Jul!a
I've asked mine if he wants to review things on here, and he's worried about the fact that he's not a great writer. So he says he'll leave the reviewing to me, lol
It might sound silly, but I find at times I have to "interview" my wife on the real nuances of a product. Turn it into a role play and while he may not write the review you may get better information this way for your third party journalism.
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