Here is a loaded question. There is talk of a new SAFETY agency to police the materials and construction of childrens toys. Should they ALSO regulate the material and safety of ADULT toys?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
Since there is concern about LEAD and other toxins (Melamine..etc) in children's toys, there apparently has been some call for a specific department (as part of the FDA?) to regulate, test and regulate compliance with safety standards. Since adults putting "adult" toys into their mucous membrane areas are just as likely to be exposed to toxins as a child putting a toy in their mouth is, do you you think the government should likewise test, and regulate the safety of adult "toys"???? Do you think it is worth the risk of a completely unregulated market with safe and some "unsafe" materials being put out for sale, in order to keep the government OUT of our bedrooms???

What is YOUR thought? I am torn on this myself. I would like to KNOW that safe toy claims are true and that toxins are not riding on on my toys...but likewise, if the government is involved with adult toys, how long before someone decides to "ban" them???

No easy answers I can see on this one.

What is YOUR take????
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Contributor: - Kira - - Kira -
I don't much like the government getting involved with anything. I think there should be a requirement on truth in ingredient (is that even the right word here?) listings on anything, be it children's toys or adult toys, but then I think it should be left to the consumer to decide what they feel is safe or unsafe. If an adult toy has poison in it and someone wants to shove it inside them, well I think they're dumb as all get out, but that's up to them. At least they were informed.
Contributor: PurpleCat23 PurpleCat23
I think the materials used to make the toy should be on the packaging, with a warning about potentially harmful chemicals on the package.
Contributor: oldhippy oldhippy
I guess as Ben Franklin said " Those who wish to give up freedom for safety, don't deserve either." If you want someone to tell you that everything you use is safe to use, (remove you freedom of choice for safety), then you must not want your freedom (of choice). I agree that listing the components or composition of a device, such as a toy, may be a good thing, but then I will decide if I wish to use it or not. I don't need anyone to tell me if it is "safe".
When it comes to children toys, the same applies, if the parents are not willing to investigate enough to decide that the components of the toys they buy for their children are safe, then they need to watch their children more, that is what our parents did. They didn't rely on the government to tell them that our toys were "safe", and we survived.
Contributor: Kkay Kkay
Hmm. My feelings are a bit different from the other replies. If a toy is unsafe, I want to know about it. If a manufacturer is making false claims, I want to know. Remember all the threads about flame-testing silicone and toys that fail? If silicone is falsely marketed, I wouldn't be surprised if other things are as well. After all, if no one is looking...
Contributor: married with children married with children
I was under the impression that there where already a bunch of departments already in charge of our safety in consumer goods.
Contributor: Menarae Menarae

The vast majority of people buying sex toys don't know what they're made of, if/what chemicals the material leeches, or what these chemicals could potentially do to the body in the long term. Same goes for lube and other creams, gels, lotions, and oils that might come in contact with mucous membranes. Yes, you can go online and research the ingredients, but you have to be vary careful about what sites you're getting information from. And it takes a long time to go through even a dozen ingredients for potential issues. I've seen some lubes have twenty or more ingredients! Most people are not going to take the time to do the proper research. Some people think that just because a toy is labelled as phthalate-free it's completely safe. Big deal. No one in their right mind would sell a phthalate-laden toy these days. Phthalates aren't the only chemical leeching out of certain materials.

Manufacturing companies are biased. They want to make their product as cheaply as possible and market it in such a way as it is most appealing to the public. They're not going to label a package with "This material could potentially leech X chemical, which may cause these side effects" unless there is a government body requiring them to. Just like those prescription medication commercials are regulated by federal laws to disclose all potential side effects if they state what the medication is supposed to do/treat/cure.

And there are certain companies who will be...not entirely truthful in their packaging. They'll label an item as "Silicone" when it's either TPR silicone (but because it contains a certain percentage of silicone, they are legally allowed to label it as silicone) or it's just a silicone skin over some kind of core (but because the other material does not come in contact with the body, they don't have to mention it on the package.) And I've even read some reviews where the company will swear up and down that a material or glue that smells like industrial death is non-toxic and body-safe. That's why I refuse to buy toys from one company in particular, because even though they have some neat-looking ideas, the material quality (and in some cases, motor quality) is sub-par at best.

So yes, I would very much like to see a government body--or really, any body that is completely separate from the toy companies--provide strict regulations on how materials are produced, handled, and labelled for sex products. I would be much more confident when purchasing or selling toys...especially to those people who are just looking at price tags. I could flip over the box and say "These are all the potential side effects of this material. Are you sure it's worth saving some money?" As it is, I get the feeling a lot of those people think I'm just pulling this out of my ass in order to upsell them.
Contributor: js250 js250
Originally posted by oldhippy
I guess as Ben Franklin said " Those who wish to give up freedom for safety, don't deserve either." If you want someone to tell you that everything you use is safe to use, (remove you freedom of choice for safety), then you must not ... more
I completely agree!!!