Dissolving or destroyed toys? What happened?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
I have had some old, soft plastic toys simply "disintegrate" before, in storage, or material becomes discolored and tacky...even stored in a clean, sealed ziploc bag. I had one of my favorite Jellies "start to melt" during use with "water based" warming lube...which really bothered me. (Yes, I immediately threw it out..lube AND toy).

Has anyone had a toy that simply disintegrated, or "melted during use"?

What material was it made of? What lube did you use?

In short, do you know what happened and how to prevent that happening again?

Please share.
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Contributor: Ghost Ghost
Plastics, such as PVC, take a very long time to depolymerize (break down), but can oxidize slowly and become brittle. The "soft" toys you had may have actually been a rubber, such as TPE/TPR/latex, which oxidizes quite quickly. Even in a sealed container, if these materials are exposed to oxygen, they will break down. You may have noticed the same thing with condoms, old rubber bands, tires, and rubber O-rings on various devices.
Contributor: Ash1141 Ash1141
I had a jelly toy get melted in my nightstand. Still don't know what happened there.
Contributor: Beck Beck
Have not had that happen yet. Do have a jelly toy that you can see the porousness and it sweats. It is strange. I never use it, but do not know how to get raid of it.