Lube Used in Condoms - Silicone or Other?

Lube Used in Condoms - Silicone or Other?

Envy Envy
Okay this is a very important question I have, and for a good reason. (At least to me.)

I find unused condoms at work (I clean in a motel, though maybe not for much longer, might have an interview coming up for another job at almost double the pay, WHEE!) so being I hate wasting things and seeing things being wasted that can be used again, i take them. I also have a LOT of silicone toys, mostly ones that are specially made from niche stores. (Like Bad Dragon and the like.) Sometimes I don't feel like a mess and put a condom on my toy, but here's the thing....

...they never say what lube is on them. In fact most condoms don't say the lube used. I looked on here on Eden and most just say 'lubricated.'


Yes, you should say condoms are made from latex or whatever due to allergies, but why not say the lube? So my thing is, are all condoms swathed in silicone lube? Or are some water-based? Maybe an oil? How about warming ones, is that silicone or water-based or something else? I look on the package and I can't see where it says the lube used, ingredients, etc. (Talking about the small package, not the box.)

I worry too because as I said I have silicone toys and I hear silicone lube messes them up big time--I really don't want my beauties to be ruined. (I swear i would cry.)

So... are all condoms covered in silicone lube? What ones SHOULD I be using for silicone toys in the future to prevent any mishaps? Do you think packages should say what lube is on these condoms?

Watch me be blind and I can't just see what it says or where it is....
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Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
It's been a while since I used condoms regularly, but when I did I think all the brands I used were using water based lubricant. They also all contained nonoxynol-9 at the time (forgive my spelling). I remember checking the box they came in for the spermicide ingredients, and I believe the lube ingredients were listed as well...I don't think it ever said 'water based' but knowing what I do now, words like 'dimethicone' are what alerts me to silicone being in a product.

I don't remember there ever being info like that on the condom wrappers though, so what you could do is spend a little time at your local drugstore, read some boxes, and figure out which popular brands are using silicone, if any - and make a point to either not collect those when you see them, or not use them on your toys.

And yes, silicone lube will mess up MOST silicone toys - there are a few out there now formulated to be used with silicone lube, but I personally wouldn't take the chance, even with them.
Envy Envy
Yeah i don't want to take any chances. I just wish the wrappers would say on them directly what kind of lube was used. I think it would make more sense because not everyone knows the compounds of silicone lube and all, ya know?

Looks like I have research to do.
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