How Much Does The Material Inflence your buying?

How Much Does The Material Inflence your buying?

Isadorabelle Isadorabelle
I myself have a standard of nothing having below a 7 (recently dropped from 8) safety rating. So, I was rather upset to see that I failed to adhere to my own rule with a purchase and am now very wary of using the toy.

After this, it made me many people choose not to purchase a product because of the material it's made out of? How many times have you decided against one thing in particular solely based on the material and safety grade? What do you prefer?
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VieuxCarre VieuxCarre
I make decisions based on material all the time. I prefer to have toys that are able to be sterilized and such. I also steer clear of most toys are are made of Sil-A-Gel as they tend to smell HORRIBLE :/

I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to what I own and want, though.
Kayla Kayla
I'm honestly not too picky once it's body-safe. Basically, as long as it doesn't have phathalates, I'm really not picky about the material. If it has phathalates, I tend to stay clear of it though.
petite-n-sweet petite-n-sweet
I'm picky about everything that goes into my body... Toys included. I have a rubber dildo that I purchased at a local store.. my first dildo... then I discovered this site and read the information about phathalates and stuff.. and my stomach started to turn. I dont even want to use it anymore.. probably will.. but I dont really want to.

If I have the opportunity to buy something that I believe will be safer, I will do that in a heartbeat.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
I'm very picky with what I use because I'm on the receiving end of 95% of the toys in this household. I'm prone to UTIs and yeast infections, so I try to make sure that the toys I use can be 100% sterilized, preventing any kind of bacterial growth from even thinking about breeding.

I tend not to purchase products that fall below a 7 on the safety scale; so many great toys rank really high on the scale so I never feel like I'm missing out on anything.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Like a lot of others I didn't learn about the problems with some materials until after they were purchased - before learning on EF about issues. For the jelly toys that we still have, we always use a condom - but it won't be long until they are all trashed.

We stick to silicone, glass & metal - we also have TPR and have had no issues with that material.
Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
I have looked at toys that are interesting to me and then decided not to purchase them due to the materials from which they are constructed. I also have the "nothing-below-a-7" rating rule, though I strongly prefer materials rated a 9 or a 10. If a toy is rated a 7 or 8, its design and function would have to absolutely FASCINATE me to entice me into actually purchasing it. And, again, below 7 is completely out of the question no matter how interesting I may find it.
deadpoet deadpoet
No, not really. I don't know why, but I kind of don't care
PolyGirl PolyGirl
Tons, probably the number one priority. If it's available in silicone or glass, I'll get that. For instance, I'm a little confused right now because I want a rabbit vibrator but none of the silicone ones interest me.
gone77 gone77
I tend to stay away from Jelly toys anymore, but material really doesn't matter too much to me. I'll get a toy that I really want regardless of the material.
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by Isadorabelle
I myself have a standard of nothing having below a 7 (recently dropped from 8) safety rating. So, I was rather upset to see that I failed to adhere to my own rule with a purchase and am now very wary of using the toy.

After this, it made me ...
Oh,Hell yeah. I have allergies, so no latex. I DO have one jelly rubber set of anal beads, but they are the more hard jelly, and we don't use them much.

I usually try to buy either hard plastic (which isn't right for some toys) or silicone. I've made some amends with TPR, realizing I am NOT allergic to it.

But, I am careful with what goes into my body. I have refused to buy toys because they are jelly rubber or latex or (Eden doesn't have them AFAIK) hot melt vinyl. (Which is what most sex toys were made of years ago. It smells like a shower curtain. I think it has pthalates it it, to soften the vinyl. We have ONE toy made of this material, or something like it. And when we used to use it, I smelled like it for, like, 2 baths. YUCK.)

I don't think we have Sil-A-Jel. But I have heard not nice things about it.

My Man refuses to allow me to have glass toys. He's worried they would break and hurt me, despite my protestations.
Annemarie Annemarie
Of course, I prefer safety level 10, but I'll go as low as 5, which I believe is TPR, though I won't go with Sil-A-Gel. I have a couple of jelly toys, but they're going to be tossed eventually.

I don't share my toys, so it's not really a big deal to me anyway.
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