Phthalate Free PVC, how safe and long to keep.

Contributor: Zombirella Zombirella
The fiance got this to review. We were just wondering exactly how safe it is and how long it should be kept when only used by one person?

I know it rates an 8 on the scale but regular PVC is only a 2. I noticed some people say that some companies label their toys as phthalate free when they really aren't. Is there a way to ever really tell? I just don't wanting either of us to use something that may cause harm but the vibrating factor and the small size is nice. No disrespect toward the company by asking, I actually have many DJ toys that I love and recommend I just want to keep things safe for the both of us. I want to mention again that this toy is not shared.
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Contributor: veggieguy veggieguy
That's a good question. Is there such a thing as phthalate-free PVC? Because I thought you'd need phthalate in all PVC to make it soft.

For example, I purchased a product fropm Icon Brands this morning because it said on their website that it was phthalate-free. Then I contacted them and asked if it really was. The answer: No, it's not. Now they've taken down the phthalate-free information and I am stuck with this unsafe dildo.