Ben Wa Balls or Vaginal Exercisers

Contributor: C25 C25
My wife has been to a few Pure Romance parties and has mentioned that she would one day like to get some ben wa balls (not sure if she's wanting then attached or loose). She's been gone this summer with work and I thought it would be sexy to get her some as a welcome home present. Any recommendations on what kind to buy? I'm not looking to spend a crazy amount of money.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Hello, C25!
A marvelous idea, indeed, to pamper your wife with such an intimate - and really purposeful gift.
If your primary condition is to pick something low budget, I would recommend looking into our classic silicone balls - with two pieces or triple - whatever is more to your liking.
Those would work if she wants a toy for a beginner, but if she really looks to pump up her pelvic floor, take a look at these glass balls. Those are definitely for more advanced users, unattached and on the heavier side.
Hope this helps!
Have a lovely day
Contributor: Merry*Me Merry*Me
Oh, that one is a no-brainer. Kegel balls were the first sex toy my hubby gave me, and I've been a die-hard fan ever since. We also had the perfect timing - right after I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, and I was super worried I'm not gonna be as tight as I used to. Don't know if I was right to be afraid, but after a few months with these babies with replaceable weights - link
I feel so tight - I think even tighter than before the baby came. SO yes, I truly believe that, aside from a happy life and multiple orgasms, Kegels balls are one of the best things a husband can give his wife.