Clamps VS Suckers: What do your nips like?

Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Yup, we're talking nipples.

Are you a sucker for those suckers or pinching is a sensation that's more up your alley? Nipple toys had always fascinated me, but I never got the grip of nipple play, let alone the famous nipplegasm. Have you ever had a chance to compare the sensations of both and pick your nip winner?

If you had to use one nipple toy for the rest of your sex life, which one would it be? Why?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
NinaH , madame macbeth , Otelia
3  (27%)
LovesItHot , Sex Guy , LovelyGirl93 , Soundside46 , Corvus , GingerAnn , SoloRebel , Gunsmoke
8  (73%)
Total votes: 11
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Contributor: LovesItHot LovesItHot
WOW I'm all the way a clamp girl. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaly love the way they pinch my skin, and I feel SOOO sensitive afterward - even a slight touch of his tongue makes me shiver. Suckers - tried them, not happy with them. Way too mild for my taste - and for his view
Contributor: Sex Guy Sex Guy
It might be strange, but I love nipple clamps. Use them on myself almost everytime I go solo. Sometimes even under clothes. Wore them to work under clothes a few times. For me, the tighter is the "bite" - the better.
Contributor: NinaH NinaH
Maybe I'm just so used to being teased by my husband's naughty tongue, but OH MY GOD that heavenly bliss when someone sucks and flicks your nipple, and his hot breath against my bosom - MMMM... Nipple suckers imitate that feel really closely, so they're my go-to weapon when I need to get really wet really fast
Contributor: SoloRebel SoloRebel
I've experimented with clamping during solo play and love it...however I can't seem to find guy-sized clamps small enough to stay put!
Contributor: madame macbeth madame macbeth
my nipples prefer suction to being pinched.
Contributor: frisky069 frisky069
Never tried sucker ones! Now I'm curious and may have to order some soon!