Did we do it wrong?

Contributor: Sweet-n-sensual Sweet-n-sensual
So I picked up a nubby penis extension sleeve for my hubby and I to try, just to spice things up a bit and first of all it was extremely difficult to get on but then he said it kept feeling like it was going to slip off inside me. He also said it prevented him from feeling anything. Do you think it was because we were novice that it wasn't working or maybe just not a good sleeve? I would love some input from any of you who have tried them. Are they better with or without the tip on them?
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Contributor: PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Sounds about right! We didn't care for the penis sleeves either. They aren't great, and I would highly encourage you to try something else instead.
Contributor: Fluke Fluke
I don't understand those toys either. How can a guy feel anything and how does it stay on? I've heard of people putting them on dildos but I don't think they work for there intended purpose.
Contributor: eri86 eri86
The whole point of them is for the woman to feel deeper penetration. That's really it.

If more depth was what you wanted. I'd go for a nice silicone dildo. Tanus and Vixskin has some nice ones to chose from. Your hubby can control that by hand while you maybe give him a hand job. That way you both get something.