Gag Balls...

Gag Balls...

BigDaddy10 BigDaddy10
I just got a gag ball for my wife and it did not turn out well. one the ball was too big and hurt her jaw and two the straps were sharp and cut her. can anyone lead me in the right direction for a smaller and good gag ball... thank you
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Sir Sir

This one might be good for you! It might not be much smaller, but it is better for ease of holding in the mouth and for the way the gag is shaped - no hurting straps!


This one's good, too. It's a different shape, of course (it's a bit), but it might be good for your partner, too.

Check out the reviews of each and see which one may be more to your style!
BigDaddy10 BigDaddy10
Thanks i will check it out
Glinteye Glinteye
good lck!
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