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Contributor: finallydone finallydone
I am wondering what toy(s) feel the most like oral sex. I am always looking for something that will feel closest to the that of a tongue on my clit. Many years ago I had a boyfriend who made magic with his tongue. Since then, however, not one man has been able to make me come with his tongue. Despite anything I have said, these guys insisted that licking a wide area from thighs to belly button would make me come faster and more frequently. That may work for some, but I need his tongue to stay with my clit! That, along with the fact that I'm not in a relationship now, have me yearning for something that will feel the most like that tongue I remember. Any ideas?
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Contributor: Inquisitor Inquisitor
I don't have lady parts, but, I do remember seeing a product called the Squeel. If you can find this product, it might be worth taking a look. It was supposed to mimic oral sex. Now that I remember it, it was marketed to the ladies.

Good luck and I hope this is what you are looking for.
Contributor: Mr. E Mr. E
Just in case you're interested, here's a link to one version of the Sqweel. It looks like this version is currently in stock. We have no experience with it or any of the other Sqweel products, so I can't really comment on it. It is not something I would personally have a use for and my wife has never expressed any interest in it.
Contributor: Vnessa Vnessa
I actually have the original one this model (I believe). My Sqweel looks bigger and is white. I found the little tongues to be a little too hard for my liking I wanted that nice, soft, swipe and that's not the sensation you get. I felt like it was beating my poor clit to death lol. I wanted to love it but I'm afraid there may not be a good substitute for a good, warm, wet tongue
Contributor: Inquisitor Inquisitor
Now that is a damn shame! Perhaps the later revisions have solved this issue?
Contributor: Vnessa Vnessa
Originally posted by Inquisitor
Now that is a damn shame! Perhaps the later revisions have solved this issue?
Ooooo, maybe!!!

Finally done, Luv, get this new little version and give him a 'whirl' . Then, let us know your thoughts . I'm willing to upgrade lol