Sex and Electricity?

Sex and Electricity?

Gary Gary
Sex and Electricity?

Has anyone ever messed around with getting shocked while have sex or masturbating?

Segue into a pointless story here …

It was maybe 12 or 13 years ago. I have long hair now, but I used to shave my head. One time I was in the bathroom at the first warehouse I used to live in (shittiest bathroom or all time!!!).

I had just gotten a shower and was still wet, and the floor was soaked. I broke out the clippers to shave my head. They clippers were really old and really crappy. The cord had a bunch of spots in it where the wire was exposed. So… I am shaving my head and an exposed part of the cord hit my nipple and shocked me. It was by far not the strongest I had ever been shocked but it did really startle me because I was not expecting it, but it felt awesome!

I was kind of nervous about doing it again in case I really got shocked next time, but I wanted to. After a minute or so I went back to shaving my head and it happened again, about the same strength of shock as before, but this time I was all ‘Hell Yeah’!

So at this point I put head shaving on the back burner and decided that I was gonna intentionally make this happen again because it ruled. So I started messing around with the bad spots on the cord, nothing, nothing, nothing, and then BAD BAD SHOCK!

That was pretty much the end of me using those clippers. I let my hair grow in a little bit and then one day my Maguyver-esque friend put a new cord on those clippers. I told him about the good electrical shock and asked him if he thought it would be possible to build a contraption where you could lower the amount of electricity that you were getting shocked with so you could… you know… party.

He said that you could definitely do that; it would just cost some money to buy the parts to build it. At this point in time we were only a half-step above squatting, which I was doing previous to living in this warehouse. I paid my rent by getting sunburns on my back and having skin samples removed (approx the size of a pencil eraser) to test various sunscreen lotions and then scavenged for food like city cats, hahahaha. So needless to say building a machine to get shocked during sexual gratification was not a priority or even possible at this time.

The years went by and I had completely forgotten about this idea and that experience, since it isn’t something that really comes up in any conversation…until today. I saw this thing called the Electrogasm by a company called Zeus. It isn’t exactly what I was referring to but it got me to thinking. So I went onto the internet and looked it up.

Apparently the only thing that Zeus makes or carries is electro type sexual apparatuses, including a device exactly like I was picturing long long ago. The other device I mentioned, the Electrogasm, says it can cause muscle contractions vaginally or anally that feel like sex. That sounds interesting but kind of intimidating. The thought of shocking your nipples a little bit versus sitting on something that shoots electricity through your ass, (or vagina depending on the person using it) enough to make your body thinks it’s being fucked… sounds insane. But it could be awesome, who knows?

So, has anyone ever messed around with any kind of shock device? Does anyone have any experiences to share or any recommendations? I am not half as adventurous as I was when I was 19 so it’s not a high priority but I would definitely check one of these crazy things out now.
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That Weird Guy That Weird Guy
I wouldn't think getting shocked is healthy, BC your brain is made up of electrical waves that might get messed with if you get shocked constantly... I dunno

there was a woman that drank so much water she messed up the chemical balance in her body and had problems...

I could maybe see a similar thing happening here.. but again I'm not a dr or a researcher.

but the device does sound really kick ass though!!!
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Well, you've got your obvious Violet Wands and TENS units (which is what the Electrogasm sounds like). Folks in BDSM circles often use dog shock collars and even cattle prods and tazers.

I used to know a guy who would rig his own stuff. Like... you know those electronic roulette games that are supposed to give your finger a wee shock? You can get them at Spencer Gifts and whatnot. (link) He'd rig them with weird clamp things to attach to sensitive bits to make the game more thrilling. I always figured it couldn't be *that* unsafe since they sold them in the store!
That Weird Guy That Weird Guy
It probably won't kill you but somethings people sell are dangerous to your health. It just depends how dangerous and if your willing to take the risks.
Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer
Originally posted by That Weird Guy
I wouldn't think getting shocked is healthy, BC your brain is made up of electrical waves that might get messed with if you get shocked constantly... I dunno

there was a woman that drank so much water she messed up the chemical balance in ...
That woman died from an electrolyte imbalance. It was a contest to win a Wii if I remember correctly.

I have used my TENS unit to good around a little, but nothing too serious yet.
Gary Gary
I heard about that women who died from drinking all the water, it was a radio contest and she was in the studio. I think she died while driving home from the contest. Yeah that is crazy, that was the first time I ever heard of a person being able to overdose on water.
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