What toy would you give your very best friend?

Contributor: Pandahb Pandahb
If you wanted to get your best friend the best of the best, what would it be? Use the poll part to vote on how much you would be willing to pay, then comment below with what toy.
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Contributor: TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
I'd probably get her the Nea or the Siri because Lelo is high quality and rechargeable. Not to mention she is in a dorm right now and they are quite. Plus, it is discreet and non threatening when you want to include it into intercourse.
Contributor: Tuesday Tuesday
I gave my best friend a Magic Wand and my sister a Siri, plus a selection of lubes. To each, what suits them.
Contributor: EndlessFrost EndlessFrost
Wondering the same thing. I've got a year to think about it though ;D
Contributor: PurpleBerry PurpleBerry
There's a lot to choose from, but I'd most likely give a rabbit.
Contributor: usmcwife99 usmcwife99
It trually depends on what she likes....

Ive spent 160ish on Ina for my sister. But its not often I get her stuff.

Ive bought mia for my best friend cause she used mine one times and loved it so I got her one.
Contributor: Trashley Trashley
I'd give her the Jimmyjane Form 3, just because it looks and performs so amazingly! I'm CONSTANTLY drooling over that thing...
Contributor: tigerkate tigerkate
If I bought my best friend a toy, I'd probably be making it a very special gift and spend a little extra cash on it anyway.
Contributor: Owl Identified Owl Identified
I would drop over a hundred on my sisters or mother but ONLY them. For my other friends I would be willing to do between 50 and 100.
Contributor: Envy Envy
If I could, (and most of my friends are guys) prolly a Fleshlight....

My best gal friend, well, she's kinda a prude and doesn't want toys, lol.
Contributor: SexyySarah SexyySarah
I would say in the 50-100 range.
Contributor: brokenangel brokenangel
I would get my best friend a deep water G... She has it on her wish list and I love mine... She already has drawers full of toys so might as well get her something on her wish list... LOL
Contributor: ToyGeek ToyGeek
I don't think I could find the courage to give a friend that type of gift, but my general rule is, when gift shopping, to spend whatever is necessary to obtain the gift that will mean the most. I mean, I'm not going to buy a car for a casual acquaintance or something, but if I have an idea that will really mean something to the person, or fill a specific need in their life, then the price doesn't matter. My friend with the tension headaches will probably be getting a $150 pillow as an early Christmas present this year, while my mom gets a basket of cat toys. To each according to their needs.
Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
I've done it before, I'd do it again. But I would only do it on a toy I already own so that i knew it was worth the money.
Contributor: alayamae alayamae
Rabbit, definitely.
Contributor: Lif3sambiguity Lif3sambiguity
Contributor: popples popples
Originally posted by Lif3sambiguity
I'm cheap. I'd settle for buying something under $50.
Contributor: J's Alley J's Alley
I bought my best friend and her hubby over $200 worth of toys last year, and I would totally do it again.
Contributor: Kimbertrees Kimbertrees
I'm cheap, but for my best friend I might spend a little extra.
Contributor: Sebmissive Sebmissive
I'm buying my friend a toy for her birthday. It's in the 50-100 range. But if I had the money to spend 100+, I would. She my best friend and she deserves the best.
Contributor: Kynky Kytty Kynky Kytty
I was thinking of buying a click N charge vibe from FF.
Contributor: Not here Not here
I'd probably spend at least 50.. and I'd like to get her something pretty that performs well.. Ideally, I'd want to get her a Pure Wand, but since I can't afford it for myself there's no way!
Contributor: DustBunny DustBunny
It depends on a number of things really, her taste, if it's her first toy, if it's for a special occasion like a wedding and lots of things. While I'd want to get the best for my friend, I often don't get the best for myself at this time without planning and saving for it. But in the end it would come down to who was getting it and the other factors before price. I know some that know what they want so you just plain plan for that, others have interest in trying something new like glass. With glass there's plenty of nice choices for under $50. Another has her heart set on a g-ki, and if it was her I'd bust my tail to get as many point as possible to make it more affordable for me to get it for her. And other friends may not want a vibe, they may want something else and that can also effect the price of things.
Contributor: PuplePleasures PuplePleasures
Lipstick vibrator – discreet massager
Contributor: Brand Brand
Originally posted by Pandahb
If you wanted to get your best friend the best of the best, what would it be? Use the poll part to vote on how much you would be willing to pay, then comment below with what toy.
Honestly a little creepy buying another friend a toy but I wouldn't be cheap so 50-100. I usually sink that in their gifts anyways.
Contributor: celibacysucks celibacysucks
Something cyberskinny
Contributor: CS2012 CS2012
It would feel weird to buy a toy for a best friend.
Contributor: clp clp
If I were to buy a vibe for a best friend, it would probably be something that is a good starter at a high quality ($50-100 range). Unless I know specifically what they like (clit, internal, etc.,) I'd probably stay with something standard. Something from the Jimmy Jane iconic line, I'm thinking.
Contributor: MasterBlaster MasterBlaster
Well I wouldn't wanna give my friend something I wouldn't use on myself, now would I? By the way I have expensive taste when it come to my toys.
Contributor: flamefire flamefire
I don't have a job so I said $0-50. When I bought my best friend her first vibe is was this one: link . I actually did a little review of it.